Lindsay Lohan Threatening to Bail on Rehab Over Smoking Privileges?

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Lindsay Lohan is reportedly threatening to bail on going to rehab due to an alleged lack of cigarette smoking privileges there, according to reports.

Yup, she's not sure she can deal with no smoking for 90 days.

Lindsay Lohan Packing

Lohan supposedly asked her lawyers to try and convince Seafield, in the Hamptons, to make an exception to their rule ... or get her into another place.

Seafield isn't bending any policies for anybody.

Thus, LiLo's lawyers contacted Morningside Recovery in Newport Beach, Calif., which is actually the site of one of her previous failed rehab stints in 2010.

Morningside will allow smoking, but City Attorneys for L.A. and Santa Monica haven't signed off on Morningside, and must approve of any rehab choice.

So ... it's unclear where she's going now. Or if either facility will allow her to take Adderall, which is said to be another of her stipulations ... seriously.

For what it's worth, Lindsay is sure acting like she's going tomorrow. She captioned the Instagram photo of her packing above "90 days and 270 looks."

Lindsay Lohan also joked about being engaged to The Following's Nico Tortorella. "My first proposal," she wrote in a second Instagram caption.

The image features Tortorella, 24, on bended knee placing a ring on the troubled star's right hand; several empty beer cans are seen on a nearby table.

Lindsay Lohan Proposal (Fake)

Always a good sign, right THGers? At least PBR is cheap. In-patient rehab for three months is likely to set the star back tens of thousands of dollars.

Lindsay Lohan: Can she get/stay clean?


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with what?


Lindsay get help and keep yourself healthy and happy. you derseve it. alll humans make mistakes. so what aboutthe haterz. they arent perfect either.


shes so stupid i just got out of seafield ans they say no smoking but they turn a blind eye


oh my god


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