Kid Rock RIPS Billboard Music Awards Artists: Give It Up For Lip-Synching!

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Kid Rock said what was on a lot of people's minds last night when he took the stage and delivered a major diss at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards.

Taking the mic from Tracy Morgan to present Top Rap Song honors, he told the audience to "Give it up for people lip-synching under pre-recorded music."

BURN! The barb came after performances from Selena Gomez, Icona Pop and Chris Brown, but it's unclear if he was calling anyone out specifically.

He was also holding what appeared to be a coffee cup. Hilarious.

Ah, Kid Rock. No matter what you think of his music, the man is an artiste. One with no tolerance for pansies getting up there and mouthing lyrics.


Couldn't agree more with Kid Rock. If you can't sing in public you should not be on a live show. I would add that any award show that gives Tsylor Swift 11 awards should be sent into space and not return!


loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee kid rock. he is right. and btw, no-one has a voice like his. one of the best ever. at least he has cojones.


"Lets give it up for weenies who have to have their entourage fight their battles for them,because they are scared of gettin' their bony asses whooped in Waffle Houses!" How about that,since he wants to be so negative toward performers who are becoming far more popular than he is. What a slimy thing to say,when nobody's bothering him...Later all; Hollywood--out.



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