Katy Perry to Robert Pattinson: Dump Kristen Stewart!

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Did Katy Perry cozying up to Robert Pattinson lead to the latter's split from Kristen Stewart?

Not exactly.

But the pop star did play a role in this famous couple's recent breakup. According to Life & Style, at least.

Katy Perry at Movie Premiere
Robert Pattinson in Manhattan

"Katy told Rob she didn't think their relationship could withstand the cheating scandal," an insider tells the tabloid of Kristen's makeout session with Rupert Sanders. "And he deserved better than someone who would destroy a family."

Pattinson moved out of the home he shared with Stewart this week, leading many to fear that this parting really may be permanent.

And while it's unclear just how strong the pull of Perry is on the actor, this report alleges that Rob "leans on [Katy] during hard times."

"Katy never really supported Rob's decision to get back with Kristen," concludes the source. "She liked Kristen, but ultimately she's loyal to Rob and wants what's best for him."

Do you want what's best for Rob? Is Kristen that person? Sound off now: Should Robsten reconcile?

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Kp needs to mind her own business she is a mean hateful bitch i will never be a fan anymore karma will catch up to her


Kristen stewart is much prettier than that whore bag Katy! Kristen is naturally beautiful whereas katy has to work hard at trying to look pretty. Katy is a party whore.


Katy Perry is a hater and should get her own life! Kristen made a mistake by cheating, but shes young and beautiful. People make mistakes. If rob really loved her then he would see past it and move on.


katty is a crap lady. Let her go to hell for hurting her best fren kristen. PEOPLE learn from mistake n so Kristen did it. Robert should not move on with katty. He deserved someone better thank stupid katty perry.


Katy has been pulling the strings for years. What a sad excuse for a human being!


Yes, Rob. Take relationship advice from someone who's marriage lasted for about a year...you do that.
I'm not defending Kristen Stewart, I just don't think Katy Perry is someone Rob should be taking advice from.


Well Katy has said that if Kristen and Rob break up she would take on Rob. She has always had the hots for Rob and everyone knows it. What female sits in a rubber float in a pool with full makeup on. COME ON. Katy likes to party and drink and so does Rob. He needs Rehab I think.


Katy Perry doesn't know best for Robert she wants him for
herself which she's not any better for him too.Kristen Stewart
and Robert should get back together and who's to say that
his cheated on Kristen and hasn't got caught he could have
done it first people need to lay off and move on which they
probably are trying to do but people keep bring it up


Katy is a sneaky person watch out Rob. Rob is not Katy's type anyway. She goes for losers. Oh, wait maybe that is why she is going after Rob. He keeps messing with Kristen's heart. I have yet to hear him say anything good about Kristen. She made a mistake and I am sure he has made several himself. He also lets other people make up his mind for him.


Kristen is worth fighting for. Katy Perry is just a sad jealous single desperate woman. Who wish she'd had the love men have for Kristen.
Rob needs to cut all the crap out. And that's RS and KP and all the other desperate fools and just make Kristen his.

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