Eyewitness Confirms: Justin Bieber Spat at Neighbor!

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Two more damaging pieces of information have come out regarding Justin Bieber and his confrontation yesterday with a neighbor angry over the singer's reckless driving habits.

Justin Bieber at Night

FIRST, an eyewitness has come forward and confirmed previous reports: Bieber did, in fact, spit in the face of his 47-year old antagonist.

The account stems from a landscaper who was working at the home across the street when this argument took place.

He relayed to his boss that Bieber hocked the loogie, while other neighbors tell TMZ that there was no history of any kind between the man and Justin.

The former was simply irritated because JB had been speeding around that morning in her Ferrari.

SECOND, the accuser told authorities that Bieber had to be restrained by his bodyguard after the angry words were exchanged and after the alleged saliva was fired.

While we cannot confirm or deny any version of the event, it does sound eerily similar to Bieber's explosion at a photographer in London who dared to get in his way.


What a tool.


Restrained by a bodyguard... riiiggghhht. more like he hid behind a bodyguard. I want to see him cry like a little girl when the judge sentences him.


In ”her” Ferrari? Lol!


HIV could be spread like this.
we're talking about california here!!


[A nearby landscaping crew witnessed the entire showdown and one worker swears he saw Justin spit in his 47-year-old neighbors face!!] NOTE one worker out of the whole crew that was witnessing the showdown saw Justin spat in the man's face. This doesn't sound right!! I think a crew is more than one man?


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