Farrah Abraham: I'm NOT Kim Kardashian!

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Farrah Abraham is sick of the Kim Kardashian comparisons.

Despite seemingly trying to follow Kim K.'s roadmap to fame - reality show bigger boobs, sex tape, weight loss endorsement - she says she's a totally different person.

Nor would she want to emulate Kim's "choices" anyway.

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“I really don’t like to compare. We are different people in different situations,” Farrah told ET. “I also don’t agree with everything she’s done in her life."

"I hope to live my life a little bit differently."

Yes, because Kim Kardashian's life and actions are just disgraceful compared to what we've seen from the Teen Mom star in the past few months.

“I only want to be a positive influence and show positive things,” Abraham told ET, saying she just wishes people would stop mentioning Kim.

One comparison you can't deny? Their XXX romps made bank.

Abraham even outsold the infamous Kim Kardashian sex tape in which Ray J hit it first (and hit it the best), even shutting down Vivid's site briefly.

Farrah Abraham reportedly sold her sex tape - which is really just a porno she filmed and tried to pass off as a private "leaked" video - for close to $1 million.

She insists it was made as a private video for her personal use only, to immortalize her hot 21-year-old body ... which she hired James Deen to defile.

Anyone who believes that probably thinks Keeping Up With the Kardashians isn't scripted, but whatever you think of her, she's laughing all the way to the bank.

Just like Kim.


fuck I hate her


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Farrah Abraham: I'm NOT Kim Kardashian!
I ain't get no doubt it's the best thing i saw


The comparison of Kim n Farrah is that Kim is hot mature n intelligent in the other hand Farrah is just stupid .....so Farrah u need to get ur head out of ur ass n get a job like other teen moms




The difference between Kim K and Farrah Abraham is that Kim K is more mature, attractive, and has a better attitude. I saw Farrah Abraham on Dr. Phil. I kind of thought she was attractive. But, when I saw how ugly she was acting on his show, I was turned off. She is immature, egotistical, and spoiled. I would choose Kim K over Farrah anytime.

Alex ydurlivek

reality TV fame drooling skannk ho bags??-no difference fake poser loser slutt trash-your kid is better off with CPS-they both make any decent person want to vomit and be ashamed to belong to the same species-and basically Farrah exists because of trash like Kim-it willo be so good when cable TV dies-with netflix and the new YouTube subscription stuff-say goodbye too sleazy overpriced cable that makes you pay to watch Reality TV trash and infomercials-we deserve the right to be our own programmers and not have this revolting hideous fame hore crap shoved in our faces and then backed up with paid for gossip mag rags-print is a dinosaur and cable is not far behind-one small step towards sopping the brainwashing of the masses


She is ugly, she is nasty she has NO morals and or values and sadly enough her kid looks like a horses colt, Sphia is innocent but she is just as fug it not more fug than her whore of a mom


' only wants to be a positive influence'...She says. RIGHT! Such a POSITIVE influence for her daughter and a young girls--uh.. NOT!! If this were my daughter or friend I would be HORRIFIED and DISGUSTED! She has the body of a 12 yr old boy w FAKE ONES and HER FACE ---- OMG ...what to say? She looks like a TRANSVESTITE at best and even w all the plastic surgery...,she's just BUTT-UGLY!!! She reminds me of a DONKEY WAITING TO BITE AN APPLE (in the pic)!
Ugly bc she CHOSE such a DEPLORABLE way to support her daughter!

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