Chris Brown Rests Face on Naked Karrueche Tran A$$, Wishes Her Happy Birthday

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Looks like Karrueche Tran had a fun birthday.

At least that's what we're inferring from this Instagram photo of her naked butt - with Chris Brown's smiling face resting comfortably on that piece:

Karrueche Tran, No Pants, Chris Brown

Chrianna fans relax, though. At least in part.

The photo is actually a year old, exactly.

She captioned the risque "Throwback Thursday" image, "My birthday last year. Who's face am I gonna put my ass in this year? Lmao I'm kidding."

Are you though, Karrueche Tran?

A few hours later on Twitter, Chris Brown wrote her a simple message, "Happy bday @karrueche." She responded to him by tweeting just a heart.

The plot thickens!

Earlier this year Karrueche told Rolling Out that dealing with the attention that came from breaking up with Chris Brown in 2012 "was very hard."

"The most challenging part about the attention was the negativity and the misconception from some people," she said after he dumped her for Rihanna.

"People only see you in blogs and they think they know everything about you. There are things that go public and everything that comes out is not the truth."

In this case, she communicated quite well directly with her fans, who she seems happy to remind about her relationship with the R&B superstar.

Who's a better fit for Chris? Vote below:

And the Winner is?

Karrueche Tran or Rihanna: Who'd you rather ... date? Vote in this poll to decide which Chris Brown squeeze is the hotter ticket! View Poll ยป


Nomatter wat thoz 2 go thru they luv each other rihanna blongs to chris n thts it..,xo enough of them lts talk about samtn else


let's hope she suffers DIARRHOEA, folks!!


LMAO! This girl Karrueche doesn't give up. Like a cat waiting to pounce! Still trying to snag Chris Brown. Sad little girl Karrueche Tran. Needs to get a life of her own and find a boyfriend for herself, this sad little girl is still waiting in the wings hoping Chris Brown will come back to her.Guess by posting the pic of her azz, she is hoping to tempt Chris Brown to tap that azz again. Maybe she wants to be humiliated publically again. Well no one can say she didn't ask for it this time. Chris Brown has done some really stupid and dumb things in his life, hopefully, he will grow up and start acting like a Man! Rihanna is beautiful, gorgeous, rich and she has the right connections, some don't understand what she sees in Chris Brown as it has been quoted that she can do much better, but Rihanna luvs her some Chris Brown! If Chris Brown can't see that, than he must be dumber than many think!


What is this shit?!! Control yourself,Chris!


ohv wow .this was last year.dammm. let it go


Looks like Chris is comfortable enough acting like an asshole, it should only be fitting that he actually put his face into one! Yup....that makes perfect sense to me! ;-)

@ Marianna

Its and old pic from last year when he was dating that girl.

@ JanuaryShytown

But does it really matter whether the pic was taken last year or this asshole is still an asshole no?

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