Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran: Spotted at The Club!

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Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran were spotted at Emerson nightclub in Hollywood, celebrating the star's birthday early (he turns 24 Sunday).

Not present? Rihanna, who's in New York City on her Diamonds World Tour.

Team Breezey
Karrueche at the Club

Karrueche Tran, who dated Chris for like a year before she was dispatched (see the infamous Chris Brown drunk rant about that), remains close to him.

In this case, pretty literally. The model was invited by the singer himself to the party and sources at the club say they hung out for much of the evening.

Somewhere, we see a Rihanna fan kiss photo or no pants pics being planned as retribution ... followed by cozy CB and Rih Instagram shots a week later.

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Karruehe is a groupie whore known around La. has one? and you saying shes so dedicated to Chris Brown money,she is one thirsty woman that needs to be exposed? she slept around with a lot of men before Chris? so don't say she's so sweet unless you Know??? that real!


Karrueche is known around in la circuit as a groupie whore! she is greedy and have slept around so that's how much you people know this women???


well just loving all this Chris Brown gossip


Rihanna is just a bitch n a freaking loser. Stay away from Chris,he's beta off without u


Get a life Rihanna n stay away frm r trouble n irresponsible,nt gud for Chris. Chris is beta off wit k trust me. Rihanna is too loooossssseeeee for a gal n nt a wife material 2. Chrs listen to ur dad pls!!!!


I'm sick of everyone saying Kae followed Chris around,his interview spoke volumes he does'nt want Kae with anyone.People are crazy to think they haven't been seeing each other.She never took off that promise ring, why?He was never letting her go, the condo, the paint job, the kill,Rhi was stupid Kae would have been a memory if we got back together.


Bonnie i GREE with you.they bring worse in each other their relationship is very matter what chris with tran he was clean an lovable.and nw his out there parting and fighting ,like i always say stick with someone who brings best in you....chris plzzzzz listen.tranwas there best thing ever happend to for nw stay single and enjoy life....with luv....

@ soso...(south africa)

I agree with u cuz Rihanna is nothing but a bitch n a loser n plus chris is better off without her so right now chris n karrueche are back together so im happy with chris


Yall Need To STOP Suckingg Rihanna Dick ! Truth Love Dont Die & As You Can See They Really Love Each Other ! Let The Two Live Their Live ! WTF Karrueche Try To Be Like Rihanna In EveryWay ! She Need To STOP BECAUSE THATS A EPIC Fail ! #RihannaNavy ! #WhoGotAProblem #YallMad ? Lmaoo ! Imma Keep It Cute Thoo ! Chris Brown Do Ya Thang ! You Young Bro ! #LiveLifeAsItGoBy


Chris need to stay away from Rihanna. I see Rihanna causing him a lot of trouble and it isn't good. She might also cause him to be sent back to jail. Rihanna is serious trouble and if Chris love his freedom It's time to stay away from her. She is already trying to start trouble again between him and Drake. I hope he walk away from this chick.


chris wanted to beat the hell out of her too.

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