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Who says the Harlem Shake is dead?!?

Not a couple who got married at the First Friends Church in Salem, Ohio over the weekend.

Just as the bride and groom are being announced husband and wife, the entire wedding party stops and breaks into this viral dance. Heck, even the pastor gets his Shake on!

Watch the action unfold below and then compare these moves to others in our collection of Harlem Shake videos.

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Sure, the Harlem Shake looks easy.

Heck, the lowly Minnesota Timberwolves can do it.

But this viral trend isn't always as safe as it appears... at least not when done around a fire and not when (we presume) a bit of alcohol is involved.

Watch a few guys in Germany give the dance a shot in the following video, only for one to go down in a blaze of glory. Literally!!!

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The Backstreet Boys are a little late to the Harlem Shake party.

While the '90s boy band freely admits this fact on their YouTube channel (HS is so January-February), they couldn't resist, and their fans will clearly eat it up.

Most Harlem Shake videos are merely 30-60 seconds, but Backstreet's clocks in at nearly two minutes, featuring a special choreographed dance section!

98 Degrees? NSYNC? The gauntlet has been thrown down.

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Sorry, UNC Harlem Shake video.

You've just been one-upped.

While the Maryland men's basketball team was taking on Duke earlier this winter, the whole student section performed flash mob and Harlem Shake routines.

The atmosphere at Comcast Center is known for being off the hook, and the Terrapin fans lived up to their reputation on this occasion. Fear the turtle ...

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Perhaps taking their locker room cues from the Miami Heat Harlem Shake video, the University of the North Carolina Tar Heels made their own this week.

By now, you may be totally over this long-running meme. We respect that.

However, there is a human Whoopie Cushion involved here. Just saying.

Hopefully the Heels do this on the court tonight against Florida State.

Which of the many Harlem Shake videos is your favorite so far?

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The Harlem Shake is everywhere. Even the British royal family (or at least some well-cast doppelgangers for the regal bunch) is getting in on it now!

Watch below, as look-alikes of Kate Middleton, Prince William, Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles, Duchess Camilla and Prince Harry throw down!

Naturally, it's "The Spare" who gets the stuffy crew going at first:

While Prince William is the most spot-on in terms of looks, all six are pretty close ... and the Queen definitely wins for most unexpected grinding skillz.

Hopefully Kate takes it easy though. Pregnancy and all ...

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The cast of Supernatural is a little late to The Harlem Shake party.

But when you look like Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, tardiness can be forgiven.

Indeed, those two stars/studs lead their crew below in the latest version of this Internet sensation. Watch now as Ackles kicks things off and Padalecki seemingly checks his phone mindlessly... until the true beat sets in!

And for all your Supernatural spoilers, trailers, reviews and more, be sure to bookmark our friends at TV Fanatic!

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Sick of the Harlem Shake? And/or the Miami Heat?

Boy do we have a must-see video for you then!

Just when peeps were starting to declare the meme so over, LeBron James and the Miami Heat Harlem Shake video breathed new life into it last week.

Deservedly so, as the Heat Shake was admittedly sweet. But for their game in Minnesota Monday, the T-Wolves produced this just for the occasion:

Pretty epic takedown right there, but Miami, as usual, had the last laugh. They won a franchise-record 15th game in a row, routing the Wolves 97-81.

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Harlem Shake: Termination Edition?

Up to 15 miners in Australia have been fired after performing a version of the Internet meme underground and posting a video of it online for all to see.

The workers, employed by Barminco, were part of an overnight team working the Agnew Mine in Western Australia, when they made this on the job:

A dismissal letter obtained by the West Australian newspaper said the stunt breached Barminco's "core values of safety, integrity and excellence."

Continue Reading...

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There's a Harlem Shake on this muthaf*%kin' plane. - Samuel L. Jackson

Just kidding. Samuel L. played no part of this whatsoever (sadly), but as Harlem Shake videos go, the new elevation record has officially been set.

Even the skydiving edition didn't reach 35,000 feet cruising altitude, which is where the Colorado College Wasabi Ultimate team decided to go crazy.

Watch below as the team Harlem Shakes its way to a tournament in San Diego aboard Frontier Airlines Flight 157 - with the whole cabin joining in!

What's your favorite Harlem Shake video so far?