Beyonce Demands: Red Toilet Paper, Titanium Straws and More!

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Kendra Spears is engaged to a prince and will soon become royalty.

But Beyonce already is royalty and - according to a report in The Daily Star - she therefore has a few demands while performing the Mrs. Carter Show abroad.

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A source tells that publication that Beyonce is "extremely regimented and is taking everything extremely seriously, so she expects her list of demands to be adhered to."

Among those alleged demands:

  • No junk food.
  • Her crew can only wear clothes made 100% from cotton.
  • The use of titanium straws to drink a special alkaline water served at exactly 21 degrees.
  • Red toilet paper.
  • Freshly painted white walls in her dressing room. Also, a new toilet seat.
  • The salad bar must only be comprised of green items.

Beyonce is performing this week in London at the famous O2 Arena. Hence, London residents, why there is a lack of red toilet paper at your local convenience store.


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awkward color transfers...


Lol I think when she may be on her period she don't no body know so she has red toilet paper to hide that I think lol anyways she's acts likes a humble nice person but then demands weird diva things r u for real her head has gone so big she married jayz to match heads lmao bunch of celebs that use their celebrity status to their selfish advantage


Red toilet paper? They use to make colored toilet paper in the 80's to match you bathroom & they stopped because of women getting bladder/kidney infections!


i would think the red dye would be aggrevate her vajay jay


Why red toliet paper, do you use that at home.


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