American Idol Finale Recap: Candice vs. Kree!

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The ratings haven't been there on American Idol Season 12, but let's face it:

The talent has been present throughout.

Either Candice Glover or Kree Harrison would make a worthy champion, as each finalist proved last night in bringing her A game for all three singles.

There was a producers' choice. The coronation track the winner will belt out tonight. And a selection made by the contestant herself. Watch three renditions from the finale now:

Who performed best? Who will be wearing the crown after voting is said and done?

Vote now for the American Idol champion; watch the other three performances; and then vote for the best one of Wednesday night:



Candice won. I was surprised. After having five white guys winning in a row, it is great to see a black woman taking first place. Females had taken over Season 12 of AI.


Candice all the way!


I don't like either one of these singers. Kree is just ok, & Candace shouts when she sings. The winner in my opinion went home, & that was Angie Miller. This show will soon be going off the air. I have a feeling. It truly SUCKS...

@ janelle

I did like seeing Angie smiling. I hated to see her being eliminated. Plus, I liked that other black girl who made 4th place.


I want kree to win! I think kree is an incredible singer! She deserves to win! Go kree!


Who cares


Kree is the one ! Both of them are wonderful singers......


Yeah, and we also know that "Best" is in the eye of the beholder, or listener. So, I hope there isn't outrage should Kree win. She deserves it just as much, IMO.


Certain songs just give you goosebumps, and I Who Have Nothing is one of them. That one alone will win it for her, although she absolutely should win based on talent alone. We all know the best don't always win, though, don't we.

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