Russell Brand Pushes for "KKK Threesome" on Chelsea Lately

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Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian took over Chelsea Lately last night, welcoming guest Russell Brand and responding to his unusual request:

Let's have "a KKK threesome!"

That's how the raunchy actor put it, at least, to which Khloe gamely (and grossly!) replied: "I heard pregnant p-ssy is the best p-ssy."

Ray J might disagree with that assessment. After all, he hit it first and we're sure he would say he hit it best.

Watch the exchange between these four continue to grow more lewd and sexual by the moment, as Khloe displays some personality and Kim finds it impossible to deviate from the script:


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Russell Brand Pushes for "KKK Threesome" on Chelsea Lately
The vid is HQ which makes me happy


I always thought that Russell Brand was a fuckin' idiot. This NOW confirms it..........


Hahaha right in Abe! How cares What these stupid whores say or think. Did the 3 little piggies get on their knees and blow Ryan seacrest?


alot of people who see a picture of hiim have to vomit instantly.
NO WONDER, folks.
he is using his anus as vagina for friends!!

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