Robin Thicke "Blurred Lines" Video: Banned By YouTube!

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Robin Thicke's unrated music video for "Blurred Lines" apparently blurred the lines of decency in the eyes of YouTube, which yanked it without explanation.

The video, which features a bevy of topless beauties, is no longer posted, although the original (and much more subdued) version remains on the site.

"YouTube took down the Unrated version of #BLURREDLINES because it was too hot," Thicke tweeted, while Pharrell, who collaborated on it, wrote:

"Why they trying to ban good sh-t?"

YouTube also banned the Kate Upton Cat Daddy video last year, only to reinstate it by popular demand. So there's hope if fans make enough of a ruckus.

Then again, Google is also shutting down YouTube altogether in 2023 once the best video of ALL TIME is selected ... or so we were told on April 1.


I'm a senior citizen and I love has a good beat, and very easy to dance to..that should sound familiar to some other seniors....

Carolina chavez

It violates regulations. Also it supports sexism and rape culture with the lyrics. It is sexist because the women are flat out naked and the men are not so there is a power over the women. They are the entertainment and meat to look at not humans. So it should be banned but many support it because sexism is hard to realize when you have been exposed to it to the point where it's seen as ok.

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