Rihanna 4/20 Photos: Bikinis, Blunts & Makin' it RAIN

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Sounds like Rihanna had a fun time on 4/20.

Not that we'd expect otherwise from one of the few women on THG's list of top celebrity stoners, but she went ALL OUT with weed, cake, bikinis and strippers.

  • Rihanna on 4/20
  • Dolla Dolla Bills

Rihanna has never been shy about her love of marijuana (nor has BF Chris Brown), so it's no surprise that on April 20, she flew her cannabis flag proudly.

"Thank you for lighting up my day, no pun intended," she tweeted, thanking her fans for sending her a pot leaf cake (below). "#420 it's a celebration bitches!!!"

More Rihanna photos after the jump ...

  • Weed Cake
  • Rihanna and Friends

The singer hit up a local strip club in Florida (where she had her most recent concert) and Instagrammed pics of her showering the dancers with dollar bills.

Sometimes, a girl's gotta make it rain.

From there, it was time for recovery and a few Rihanna bikini pictures, as the singer lounged by the pool and played with a small child. Naturally.

  • Rihanna Bikini Pic 4/20
  • Rihanna, Child
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my bacground looks good because of your foreground. how many losers just eat chicken . can't see hands in thier face. bitchn. india and i can see it. geuss how much hype your elbows got us. $$$ next. time out for stripper pole next stop L)(V


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rihanna looking good as always. snoop & miley need to finish project. love our hype haters stuck with we can't do this. thought we had no legs about spotting gt pole action = swimsuit sexy!!



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