Ray J Releases Music Video for Kim Kardashian-Inspired Anthem

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Simply put: It's here. And it's awesome.

Ray J has released the official music video for "I Hit It First," the Kim Kardashian sex tape-inspired anthem that Ray somehow claims is NOT about the Kim Kardashian sex tape.

Right. The same way Amanda Bynes is totally stable and normal.

The video features Ray driving sports cars and flying in airplanes... while also rolling in bed with a young woman who looks a whole lot like a certain large-breasted reality star.

See for yourself:


grow the fuck up everyone


I wonder how many copies of Kim Kardashian Sex Tape were spread?!
Check it out here: Kim Kardashian Sex Tape (uncensored version)

Ray J Releases Music Video for Kim Kardashian-Inspired Anthem
Seems homemade to me
You are welcome)


I've recently watched Kim Kardashian Sex Tape!
Here's the video: Kim Kardashian Sex Tape

I ain't get no doubt it's the best thing i saw


well.you know money talks...and bullshit walks...l.o.l..


I hate the video I hate the song his in the wrong
since he was in the sex tape he needs to get
over it and move on like she did and ray j grow
the fuck up and make song about something else
like your sad and alone and no one wants to date
you because you might do to them like you did to


OMG... Who cares. Maybe these stars should be more careful about the people they choose to sleep with. When you sleep around what do you expect?? I think its funny just for the simple fact I don't like Kim.

@ nikki

The only reason you hater her so much is because 1#she has more money than you and 2# she's probably more attractive than you too. So those right there seen like really good reason to be so envious,of someone...you moron! :-P it takes two to make a sextape, and the best person who got the most out of it, was Kim. GOOD FOR HER! to turn an embarrassing situation into reality Tv Gold! LOL!

@ Selena

And Kim got the most out of her sex tape..LOL.. What being labeled a dumb trashy whore! Yeah she got the best out of it. Like I said dumbasses with no life watch her shows. You obviously are one of many!

@ Selena

Such a immature child. #1 more money than me beacuse she's a star only beacuse of her parents and the men she choose to sleep with.. MORON as you say! Dumbasses without a life watch her show. I'm so glad you think you know me. Everyone is intitled to their own opinion... MORON! Just an FYI.. Sweetie.. I make plenty of money and have made it because I went to school not because I opened my legs to every man that walked by. As for being attractive honey.. another FYI.. I have 2 jobs.. One..I'm a model. So yeah I'm so jealous of that fat ass. Get some class sweetie!!


Ray j needs to release the video showing how his sister Brandy killed that woman with her car and then the Norwood family paid them off. Now that's interesting I'd like to see that on YouTube. Ray j past sex life isn't interesting only to himself since he can't get over it


Another classy story about Kim K. Mom should be proud. Her taste in men needs to be evaluated.


say whatever you want about him.................
..............BUT HE FUCKED HER INDEED, folks!!

@ abe

And apparently she soon got over it! Whereas Ray j,did not! Evidence in that craptastic rap song he made. I kind of want Kanye to destroy ray j in a counter rapper diss album.of he cares about Kim, he'd do it...out of chivalry anyways!

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