Lil Wayne-Trick Daddy Fight Erupts at Strip Club

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Lil Wayne and Trick Daddy rekindled their ongoing beef last night at a Miami strip club, and things nearly escalated into Drake-Chris Brown territory.

It all went down at King of Diamonds Wednesday when, according to sources in the club, Weezy "started to get a bad vibe from Trick Daddy's posse."


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Lil Wayne decided to cut the night short, but while he was walking out with Mack Maine, one of Trick Daddy's boys threw a lit cigarette into his dreads.

Oh yes. That's when $h!t was about to get real, but security thankfully stepped in, got between the heated parties and staved off a $20 million lawsuit.

Trick Daddy, for his part, was not with his posse when the cigarette was thrown or when security separated Weezy and Maine from the other guys.

So what triggered the animosity prior to this? Trick has been jawing at Tunechi over Twitter ever since his major anti-Miami rant back in February.

Possibly the one in which he said he slept with Chris Bosh's wife? It's unclear, but this was all before Lil Wayne was on death's door this winter.

In any case, crisis averted for now.

King of Diamonds told TMZ after things cooled off, "It's sad they had to revisit a situation that was Internet beef ... while surrounded by naked girls."

Quote of the week.

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