Miley Cyrus Pot Smoking Video Surfaces

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Miley Cyrus has been caught smoking once again.

Not cigarettes this time, and not even salvia.

The singer was clearly ingesting some marijuana Sunday night at Greystone Manor in Hollywood, as TMZ cameras caught the star taking a hit on tape:

No wonder Snoop Lion says he has a lot in common Miley.

This video will clearly receive a lot of attention and Cyrus may even be forced to issue a statement... but should she? Do you care that Miley Cyrus smokes marijuana?


Miley was my favorite singer and person not any more now she is just a brat I like what she was not this now she is a ugly brat I miss the old Miley I don't like this one I hope Miley reads this.


Sigh. Stoners and how cool they think they are. *rolls eyes*

@ Andy




Mariam aarab

nothing she does now a days surprises me s*x tapes getting wasted smoking pot.... makes me think who would want to be famous ? if you'll only end up like this or worse


Who the fuck cares if she smokes pot?? Everyone who smokes pot now was once a kid, just like Miley. What's the use in picking on one person when a majority of the world do it. At least she wasn't doing at the age of 11 like a lot of kids are today. Some of y'all need to be worrying about your own kids because they could be smoking pot behind your back. You ain't gotta know! That's what I've heard plenty of times. I know lots of people at my school who smoke. 14 year olds! Worry about them. Miley is grown. Why should her smoking be anyone's concern. It's not even that serious. If she wasn't famous and someone walked past her seeing her smoking pot, noone would give a fuck!! So shut the fuck up!!


she is so pretty but i don't know why would she do this??? well i think she needs to relax and get things off her mind


To see a kid who started out so cute and wholesome, turned into this, well it's sad.

Avril rose

Oh no! She is smoking pot! Hahahaha. Id love to smoke with miley! And your telling me its worse than salvia hahaha. Have you tried either? Everyone should smoke pot. It should be required actually. Anyone who thinks less of her is a prude and should try it sometime. And julie ann conkle..... You really need to try it. pot smokers arent violent. You being a non smoker are..... violent...... Sayin someone should smack some sense into her. You should be hit you tightwad.

Julie ann conkle
@ Avril Rose

Avril Rose, do not mess with me here. You want to fry your brain cells, be my guest. But don't tell me what I should or should not do. I am 55, and don't need some little snot making snide remarks. Go on, mess up your life. You are truly the big cheese.

Julie ann conkle

It speaks volumes as to what this nation has come to when the people who DON'T care, far outweigh those who do and are disappointed. She needs someone to smack some sense into her. Even her Dad in an interview explained it away that she is finding her way. She may find her way into a morgue some day if someone doesn't intervene.

@ Julie Ann Conkle

Why should I care about an adult smoking pot from time to time any more than I should about an adult drinking alcohol on a regular basis, smoking cigarettes, or eating junk food? Any of these decisions may have effects on a person's health over time, but adults should be allowed to make their own decisions about there own bodies, provided that those decisions don't get other people killed or hurt. Who cares if some bible-thumper has a problem with it.

@ Julie Ann Conkle

There's always some fool spouting crap, when 9 times out of 10 they don't have the slightest clue what they're talking about. News flash, my father got cancer back in 2004, his doctors said he wouldn't make it 4 months. Nothing they were doing was helping him, in fact they made a point of noting that it was progressing faster. Then, he started pot .. you know, that thing you are spouting off about killing brain cells (which is retard talk btw, even science will agree there). He lived 3 1/2 years after that. There are plenty of intelligent and perfectly normal people that use it. Just because you disagree with it, does not make it bad, nor does it give you the right to judge everybody that does use it. You say more about yourself talking like this ...especially without educating yourself first .. than needs saying. You can choose not to like it, you can choose not to do it, you can choose not to associate with those that do ... but you succeed in doing nothing but making yourself look stupid by spouting off like you did here. Sometimes it's wiser to know when to leave well enough alone.

Julie ann conkle
@ Eagle1

You know, the term retard is a slur nowadays. And, medicinal marijuana use is different than recreational, and she is a singer, so smoking anything is bad news, and that is all I have to say, and all I will say from this point on. Toodles!


I wonder why her fiance stays with her. Shes certainly not a prize.. ;(

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