Snoop Lion: I'm Just Like Miley Cyrus!

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Snoop Lion and Miley Cyrus.

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    The new no guns video is wild


    sorry Snoop not everyone who smokes is cool-the Smelly Circus is a ridiculous poser grasping at fam. Since Disney doesn't need her as an underage flesh puppet and tween manipulator she has no career-she can't act and she might make it as a lounge lizard cover act in Ohio but she has no original music-Snoop you even made martha stewart cool for about a minute but that stank that Smelly is rubbing off on you might not wash off and that song with her is the worst thing I have ever heard you do-the reggae was completely ran over by pop trash BS-you are letting Smelly ruin your Jamaican revelation


    this girl is a hoe she went for justin couldnt get him she with so other boy now she trying 2 go for snoopdog wow what a hoe

    @ shellene.santiago

    I don't know what tabloid you do your reading from but you need to do better research. She's a hoe?? Really since when she has been with the same guy for awhile now. She may be wild but that does not make her a hoe. She did a song with Snoop so now she is trying to get with him? Wow I feel sorry for people in your world then because every time they do something with someone else they are going to be considered a hoe. Justin who??? She has never been with a Justin. I can't say I follow her life story 24/7 or even half of that because I catch an article here and there about her. No one is perfect but you know what people are going to live their life the way they want but I can guarantee you that she is not a hoe just because she is friends with the opposite sex. People like you are what is wrong with the world. I get the fact that everyone doesn't like her and I don't expect everyone to. Everyone has their preferences but calling her a hoe just makes you look like a uneducated piece of trash. Oh and by the way you can't always believe everything you read. Just a little tidbit for your small mind!

    @ shellene.santiago

    Um hey jealous slut she is engaged to liam hemsworth and has been for a while! So don't go calling her a h0 cause she isn't you probably can't even keep a man for more than a month! Plus she never had a relationship with Justin beiber you moron, why would she with that immature loser anyway! Go f*ck yourself b*tch and go eat a d*ck!


    with at least one BIG difference.
    ........SHE HAS A VAGINA, snoop.

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