Local Mayor Pushes for MTV to Cancel Buckwild

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It's been referred to as the southern Jersey Shore, but there's officially nothing funny any longer about Buckwild.

Not after 21-year old star Shain Gandee was found dead in a truck today, his corpse discovered along with two others in a vehicle that was buried up to its windows in mud.

Buckwild Cast

In response to the incident - along with separate recent arrests for cast members Salwa Amin and Michael Burford in connection with drugs and drunk driving, respectively - Danny Jones has a message for MTV.

"The show only enhances the negative stereotype the Kanawha Valley already has," says the Mayor of Charleston, West Virginia. "I hope the show’s life is short.”

It is believed that Gandee, his uncle and an unidentified woman all died from accidental carbon monoxide poisoning, though the Sheriff's Office is yet to issue a report.

Just a few months ago, West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin slammed the series as a "travesty" that makes money off shameful behavior; he urged MTV to cancel it even before it hit the air.

Do you now agree? Should MTV cancel Buckwild?


MTV should move forward with the BUCKWILD series. Shain Gandee would want the show to go on. He and his friends had a blast filming season one. Although it wont be the same without shain, he would want the show to continue and he would want his friends to continue having fun. R.I.P Shain Gandee You will be missed bud


I think that MTV should move forward with Season 2 of Buckwild. I mean...Shain, his friends and their other loved ones had a total blast and all filming Season 1. And, I totally believe that Shain would want the Buckwild series to move forward. As for BOTH Danny Jones and Joe Manchin, Danny and Joe themselves each need to mind their own business and to back the F-U-C-K off. Case closed.


shain will be missed on the show but doesnt mean he was the only person on that show worth watching, I mean their were more people on their also.. I really liked watching that show.. it was super funny.. and liked it.. so I picked no they shouldnt cancel the show.


I believe this pole is biased. Nobody is going to check the no because of the fact afterwards it says "it entertains me" which is going to make the voter feel that if they check no they are saying it for their own selfish manner and not in the prospect of thinking "what would Mr. Gandee Candy want! And there is a reason MTV picked that group of people to appear on the MTV show Buckwild. They were and will be getting arrested, doing drugs, and drinking with or without the damn TV show. If Shane didn't like filming, I would say it could be canceled. But I feel he would be pissed on stopping the show over his death. I don't believe people are going to stop mudding because of this incident!


Why should they cancel it? The show is unrelated to the arrests and deaths. Both of those things would have happened anyways. I mean i could care less about the show, i just dont understand why they r acting like the show caused all this

@ jay

MTV is nothing. There isn't anything worth watching on this garbage network. They used to show music videos, then they went to the garbage can with reality shows. MTV IS A PIECE OF DOG DOO.


MTV is doing this............

@ abe

Perhaps you should do a little research on republican "family values" serial cheaters. You'll find there a lot more of them!

@ 1rebelle

Says who? You are an idiot. More democrats are serial philanderers, the superintendent in Georgia who (along with at least 45 teachers) faked test results on the tests they gave to their students; in order to give themselves big fat bonuses were all DEMOCRATS. Democrats can't be trusted. 1rebelle, you've obviously drank too much of Obozo's kool-aid. Waste of space and air on this planet.


I don't think it should be cancelled. They can show Shaine and his family respect as well as spread drug awareness.

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