Kate Middleton Topless Photos: Charges Filed, Invasion of Privacy Cited

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French authorities have charged a photographer and a publishing executive for printing the now-infamous Kate Middleton topless photos last summer.

Ernesto Maurim, who runs the French magazine Closer, was charged with invasion of privacy for printing topless photos of the Duchess of Cambridge.

A Smiling Kate Middleton

Photographer Valerie Suau, who took pictures of Middleton, 31, for regional newspaper La Provence, was also charged, according to the Mirror (UK).

The incident occurred while Kate and Prince William were on vacation at a Provence chateau. Suau has denied taking the semi-nude photos of Kate.

A still unidentified paparazzo is credited with those controversial images of the Duchess, which were later published in Italy, Ireland, Sweden and Denmark.

Whomever too them, the magazine took plenty of heat for the spread.

Kate and Prince William sued Closer in September, and a court subsequently barred publication of more photos, though they spread like wildfire online.

Ditto the first baby bump pics from their recent trip to Mustique.

Closer editor Laurence Pieau defended the pictures, saying that all images of Kate Middleton nude or semi-nude were taken from a public road.

"For me the pictures were not shocking," she said.

"Just an in-love couple in the south of France."

The courts appear to see things differently.

FWIW, she looked amazing ... just saying.


"'For me the pictures were not shocking,' she said. 'Just an in-love couple in the south of France.'" Liar!!! If that statement were true, she wouldn't have printed the pictures cause it would be commonplace, so why bother. It's time everyone and every government starts taking these rags to court to sue them for all they have, and it's HIGH TIME for idiots to quite buying the damn things. What in them is rarely true anyway.

Ms billie

I don't care if she is a celebrity now she still deserves her privacy. She has every right to sue the idiots I hope it puts them out of business for publishing her photos. If the judge comes down hard enough on the magazine it will come down on the photographer and hopefully expose who took the photos. The problem is these damn photographers think they can invade anyone's privacy and get by with it. They wouldn't like it anymore than she did if it were done to them.


THG got Kate Middleton's bio wrong totally!! She was born in 1982...


Was she really topless? I dont understand why she would do that, especially when she should know that theres always photographers lurking around and taking pictures of her. Dont know why she mad, its her fault that she decided to take her top off and now theres pictures of her topless all of the internet.

@ Tiffany Rogers

Topless sunbathing isn't that unusual in Europe and the UK. She was on private property well away from any roadway. The photographer used a high powered long distance lens to get the shots. That's what's wrong about it. It's not like he tripped over her naked body on his regular path of travel. He stalked them at the private villa, then hid with a high powered lens just waiting to get a shot.


sorry Kate, you were asking for it.
YOU ARE A CELEBRITY NOW, remeber this next time.
just wear everyting of a bikini, I EVEN THINK THIS IS MORE SEXIER!!

@ abe

Just because someone's a celebrity doesn't mean they don't have a right to privacy. It was rabid paparazzi who got William's mother killed. Is one of the low-lifes going to jeopardize his wife and child too?

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