Kate Middleton Nude Photos: Published in Denmark!

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The Kate Middleton photo scandal has come roaring back with the publication of even more (and clearer) images in Scandinavian gossip magazine Se og Hør this week.

The magazine's editor quickly defended the move.

Kate Middleton Picture

"We are a leading gossip magazine in Denmark, and it is my job to publish them," Kim Henningsen said of the Kate Middleton topless (and bottomless) images.

Taken with a long lens, the images - basically the same as the ones published previously in French and Irish magazines - show Kate in a bikini ... and then not in a bikini.

A rep for the royals declined comment, saying, "Our stance is the same as before - we aren't commenting save to say all proportionate legal responses will be kept under review."

Take a look at the [NSFW] Kate Middleton photos after the jump:

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you are very beautiful and your smail very mindbloing so i lick you


Photos should never have been printed - this is a clear invasion of privacy and legal action should be pursued for anyone who prints them ..... on the other hand this is complete stupidity on both William and Kate's behalf..... Frustrating that I live in a time when people have so little integity that they would take and publish and make money on these pictures....
If they bankrupted the outlets that published them - as a example - I can guarantee the rest of the integity free media around the world would stop this hidious behavio


One of the things that amazes me about this is the lack of use of old-school laws. The term "Peeping Tom" springs immediately to mind and just plain "pervert". To clear the images the original prints would also have to have been digitally enhanced so who knows what form of manipulation has been added to produce the resulting published photos, including possibly adding another body and movements....to appear as "real"


she felt sorry about all th.
this was e attention harry got. this is a mother instict: PROTECTING HIM!!