Kate Middleton Baby Bump Photos Published, Royals Irate

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As promised, Chi Magazine defiantly published long-lens photos of the pregnant Kate Middleton strolling on the beach in Mustique in a blue bikini.

With the 31-year-old Duchess' ever-so-slight baby bump visible, the magazine's headline reads "La Pancia Cresce." Translation: "Your Belly Grows."

So does the controversy over Kate's right to privacy.

Kate Middleton Baby Bump

Chi Magazine, which supposedly paid $300,000-plus for the Kate Middleton bikini photos, appears utterly unconcerned by the ire of the British royal family.

Not shocking, considering that Chi, along France's Closer and other publications in Europe, ran even more scandalous topless photos of Kate last year.

Still, their publication has the Palace up in arms, again.

Reports first started to filter out over the weekend that a photographer managed the impossible, somehow breaching Mustique's legendary security.

Photos of Kate and sister Pippa Middleton strolling on Mustique's palm-fringed shores in bikinis emerged, but the UK media declined to run them.

The Sunday People said it had "chosen not to view the pictures," let alone use them, and "like the rest of the British media, will not publish them."

Kate Middleton Chi Magazine Cover

One UK journalist says there's "zero possibility" the Kate Middleton pics will be printed in Britain in the aftermath of last year's controversy. Elsewhere, however?

As we've seen, all bets are off outside the United Kingdom.

A St. James's Palace spokesman said: "We are disappointed that photographs of the Duke and Duchess on a private holiday look likely to be published overseas."

"This is a clear breach of the couple's right to privacy."

The photographs, taken from a boat offshore, may not be illegal, but are a huge blow for Mustique, which has thrived on its reputation as a paparazzi-free enclave.

Tabloids running Kate baby bump pics: Right or wrong?


NO JAYBIRD u have issues within ur self u have no conf in theyself its not them its u so IN JESUS NAME I BLESS U




I LOVE KATE She reminds me Of Dianne She is a AWSOME WOMEN and she realized that she will not just back to her normal beautiful figure after havin a baby I feel SHE LOOK AWSOME KATE u go GIRL u R TRUELY A LADY AND I THINK U LOOK AWSOME AND I FEEL UR GONNA BE A AWSOME MOMOP AND THE PRINCE IS GONNA BE A AWSOME DAD U BOTH ROCK


I believe everyone is entitled to some privacy...Hollywood. stars and royalty alike. The Royal. Couple weren't on a public beach obviously or the need to use long range telescopic equipment to defeat top reputable security wouldn't have been necessary. Additionally, Lady Di's death because of similar actions of photographers is reason for anyone, especially the Royals to be angry about this. As is shown in comments below,not everyone likes the Royals, to include such gossip papers as whom made such a boast in the first place they'd get such pix. I doubt they care at all that they were setting up the possibility that Kate and her baby could also be killed just as Lady Di was by their boast. And what if this woman and her unborn baby and possibly the father too had been killed? Would that be ok just for the sake of having something to talk shit about? If so...please kill yourself and your spouse and children and we will be glad to talk about you. Your cruelty is beyond objective reason considering they've done nothing to you. It's a sickness you have that's only curable by death. I might remind you that of all the Royals, Lady Di spent much of her time in charity work helping children and poor people get food and medicines they needed. It was a horrible loss to humanity. It was a horrible loss to her children and the Royal Family. I don't blame them one bit for their anger. I'd be angry too and so would you.


So...that self-righteous and stuffy-ass Royal Family is I-R-A-T-E, huh? Boo-hoo-hoo and oh, fuckin' well!!!!! What else is new????? That so-called Royal Family gets and acts all irate about anything and everything 24/7. What I find most annoying about that Royal Family is that they act like their shit don't stink!!!!! STUPID MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!!


Geez!!! Talk about "making a mountain out of a molehill". You can barely see a bump at all. Even if I were a fishrag publisher, I would have been embarrassed to publish this with any hint of showing a baby bump. Get a grip people. Let them be.


What is she having a potato? Who cares? All they seem to do is vacation. Lazy bums. She does absolutely nothing. She should know better by now. If she goes outside she can and will be photographed. She will never learn Think of Monarch in the hands of her and Pippa down the road. Sad.

@ dodie101

Just because much of what we see of them is in bathing suits, doesn't mean all they do is vacation. There's got to be tremendous stress from having cameras shoved in your faces and up your a$$e$ all the time. Christ, some paparazzi even got a picture of the Prince with his hoo hoo out peeing in the woods at a soccer game. I mean, geez - he can't even pee (in the woods no less) without a camera being shoved in front of him.


Happy for them!!! shame the paparazzi just can't give them a little breathing room.... you know they will be worse once the baby arrives


The *Royals* think their CRAP doesn't have an ODOR. So, what if the photos were taken. That is what the start of a family will look like. Where is the bump supposed to be carried, in a TOTE? They can get all IRATE as they want to, because that will be the newest HEIR born after all of the horrendous things that have taken place. The worst I have ever heard was the *Death of Princess Diana*, and I don't think it was an accident. Diana/Dodi would of never gotten into a car being driven by someone under the INFLUENCE. That is the excuse that every DUI gets when an incident occurs. It happend in a dark TUNNEL, where NO witnesses could be acquired, except those that INDUCED it.

@ Grey Eagle

You know them personally, do you? Or are you just spouting off from seeing what is published in the fishrags about them? Or is it jealousy??


can't the media leave them alone,isn't it enough that the reason Princess Di is dead its because of the media picture hungry morons who is out for a quick buck,for pete sakes leave them alone and let william and kate live a happy life.I thought there was a law with stalking.

@ sue


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