Jenelle Evans: Roughed Up By Courtland Rogers? Or Lying to Pin Blame on Husband?

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Jenelle Evans says she sustained "gruesome injuries" during an epic fight with husband Courtland Rogers yesterday, and has the photos to prove it.

The alleged abuse photos, however, are not really that bad.

Jenelle Evans Mug Shot (April 2013)

“Jenelle is saying she was hit in the head by Courtland and it made her ear bleed,” said a friend of the Teen Mom 2 star. “That’s why the cops were called.”

In her mug shot from last night, taken after Jenelle Evans' arrest for heroin possession, assault and other charges, her left ear is actually bloody.

In another, published by Radar, her hand has blood on it.

Not a lot, but still, blood. And she wants Rogers to pay.

“She gave these photos to her friends, and they said she wants people to see what happened to her,” a source told the aforementioned celebrity gossip site.

Jenelle, reportedly, "is going to fight these charges."

"She wasn’t responsible. Courtland was.”

Evans was busted Tuesday night for possession of drugs and assault, but an insider claims that the 12 bindles of heroin belong to her husband alone.

She contends Rogers set her up, but given Evans' track record - and the fact that they live together and the drugs were at their house - that could be a hard sell.

It's tough to argue that your husband set you up in a situation like that, especially when you're known for lobbing false allegations at guys left and right.

Nor is it clear what started their fight, although we imagine Jenelle won't be taking responsibility for that either. Just a hunch on our part right there.

That's not to say Courtland Rogers is some prize. He actually appears to be pretty much the antithesis of a prize who she would be better off without.

Seriously, why does she always have to date/marry losers?


Omg, first Keiffer hit her, and threw her in the car,then Gary hit her, and choked her, now Courtland beat the crap out of her!? This girl has had her butt kicked more by age 21 than most people do in their lifetime!


Whoever wrote this article ought to be ashamed of themselves for saying that the abuse was not "that bad." I think she's got some serious issues and this whole situation is sad, but anyone who minimizes domestic abuse is taking sides with the abuser. That's pathetic.


jenelle come to philly wear all the ass wipping are free..that what she need a ass


Is that really serious????




Jennelle is a pictures of s**t!! This is a pattern for her. If these charges get dropped too its a miracle or stupid judge bc she has so many charges for drugs and now second arrest on domestic violence! The best thing for jace is Barbara bc she's never going to grow up. She'll stay in prison or dead jace is better off not even knowing her she needs to grow up!


she dates losers because she is a loser.


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