Jenelle Evans' Journal: Stolen, Posted By James Duffy

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Jenelle Evans' former boss James Duffy is apparently not a big fan.

He posted excerpts from the Teen Mom 2 star's private journal online earlier this week, which follows his previous Tweeting of various Jenelle Evans nude photos.

Memories ...

Jenelle Evans and James Duffy

According to a friend of Jenelle's, who spoke to Hollywood Life, it all started when her old roommate stole that journal and handed it over to Duffy.

Now Jenelle is steaming mad, and pressing charges.

“Jenelle’s journal was in her bedroom for two weeks while she was living [with her mom], who has been in and out of the hospital for almost having a stroke,” Kristin Raeon says.

”Her sister has cancer, and it was Easter, so Jenelle moved back home."

"Julia, her old roommate, got so mad before she even came and got all of her stuff, that she went into Jenelle’s room and took her journal that she had from rehab."

"Charges are being pressed against Julia for that and stealing Jenelle’s radio.”

Julia never published the journal, however, so that's on James Duffy, who sources close to the reality star say has been harassing Jenelle Evans for years.

“The guy has no life,” Kristin says. “He even came at me and attacked me because of my friendship with her. He claims Jenelle was sleeping with him.

"Jenelle doesn’t send him anything. Anything [James] gets of Jenelle is all from other people, ex-boyfriends, or fake. He [lies] to all of his Facebook ‘fans.’”

Wait wait wait, hold on ... James Duffy has Facebook fans?

In any case, Kristin does have some good news to report:

“Jenelle’s [heroin issue] is in the past ... She and Courtland [Rogers] aren’t involving themselves in nearly half as much of the drama as they used to be in.”

That's good at least ... but can she stay clean?


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