Jenelle Evans Nude Photos: Tweeted By James Duffy!

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Jenelle Evans’ former boss and frequent adversary James Duffy is taunting her on Twitter - by posting full-on naked photos of the Teen Mom 2 star.

Last night, Duffy was posting Jenelle Evans nude pics and pounding out vulgar tweets directed at Jenelle and Courtland Rogers like it was his job.

Courtland Rogers Photo

James did this same thing to her in August. Along with the pics, he tweeted: “Jenelle, I didn’t have to pay you for sex, you did that free for daddy.”

Looks like Duffy did in fact hit that, based on the very NSFW images below. Seriously, do not proceed if you don't want to see A LOT of Jenelle.

Wednesday, Evans indirectly responded to Duffy’s tirade, responding to a follower: “no it’s getting kinda old … I mean that’s all the ammo he’s got?!"

"It’s hurts my loved ones... That’s what hurts.”

Jenelle Evans, 21, and the much older James Duffy have been engaged in an ugly war of words for months ... it's not all that clear what started it.

Something rekindled the feud this week, however.

Deny it she might, but it's hard to believe she wasn't hurt by the other Tweets he sent to Evans and Courtland Rogers, her husband of just over a month:

  • "Look at her go!"
  • "Such a perfect example of a mom!"
  • "Thats your classy!!!"
  • "You should be so proud courtland."
  • "Hows it feel to know youre getting duffy & kieffers leftovers?"

Ouch. The images he posted appear below:

Jenelle Evans Nude Picture
Jenelle Evans Naked Pic
Jenelle Evans Nude Pic
Jenelle Evans Nude Photo
Jenelle Evans Head Shot
Jenelle Evans Nude

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Am I the only one that notices her tattoos appear and dissappear in the photos? None of them match up

Kellie m
@ Sarah

The pics weren't all taken on the same day.


The guy in the picture with her is her current husband, Courtland. The guy posting these pictures (James Duffy) is a much older, balding man with grey hair. They didn't include his pic with this article. Google his will surprise


No matter what yall say she looks pretty good. More than 90% of yall trash talkers probally already jerked off to her!

@ Rich

She may look "pretty good" by your standards...not mine.


Really... So nasty! You have a child! Your so trashy...


Wow this ugly skanks drug habit must be getting bad if she started doing this.....need money for them drugs.

Kellie m
@ critic

She didn't get paid for the pics...they were taken by a cell phone.


While Duffy is certainly a "Slum Dog" he and she both
share extreme low class & poor taste in tattoos Does
that surprise anyone?


James Duffy. Probably has a 2 inch dick. What a tool bag. he even looks like a punk. Trying to be all hard with the tatoo's and backward cap. I bet his mother is soooo proud of him. Jackass.


James Duffy shows his true class: that of a sewer rat. What a nasty piece of white trash he is.


Why do you take nude pictures. I was a hottie at one time and I never took pictures my mother could not see. What happen to imagination after encounters?

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