Farrah Abraham Tried to Find Fake Boyfriend, Star on VH1's Couples Therapy

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Farrah Abraham is desperate for money, fame and fake boyfriends.

Before trying to recruit James Deen to pretend to date her and leak a Farrah Abraham porn movie as a sex tape, she cooked up another failed scheme.

The Teen Mom star tried to get a guy to fake-date her so she could go on VH1's Couples Therapy too, according to a new report ... but that fell through.

Seems to be a pattern with this girl.

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Farrah was in negotiations with an acquaintance named Carson Underwood, an aspiring actor, to pretend they were dating and boost both of their careers.

“Farrah and Carson met at an American Music Awards after party last year and stayed in touch,” an insider told Radar. “She sent him a confidentiality agreement."

"It had all these clauses about how he would be ‘work for hire.’ He was never interested in Farrah, and certainly not interested in faking a relationship with her.”

Again ... sounds a lot like James Deen.

Text messages obtained by Radar purport to show her presenting the Couples Therapy idea to him and telling him to contact her publicist if he wants in.

The scheming Teen Mom star even lists the criteria she’s looking for in her fake boyfriend as “tan, tall, business man, who isn’t about fame and laid back.”

Obviously, any fake BF "must be cool with kids and fam.”

“The entire thing was orchestrated by Farrah and her team,” the source said. “Her only offer was from VH1 but she didn’t have a boyfriend, so she tried to find someone."

"It was all to keep her relevant. Farrah is willing to do anything to make money and stay famous, as you can tell by the fact that she ended up resorting to porn!”

Carson Underwood couldn't help but note the absurdity of the situation, posting on his Facebook page the day the Farrah Abraham sex tape story broke:

“Remember kids this is what happens when you have a failed career as a wannabe reality-actress! You end up doing porn in the Valley after some guy (me) turns down going onto a reality show with you.”

Farrah Abraham buuuuuuuuuuurn!!!!


Just saw the latest episode of couples therapy. Now while I am not exactly a fan of flava flavs girlfriend, I strongly believe that "Joe" and his little mindless puppet of a girlfriend should be thrown off the show. They had no right to stand there and judge flava about their baby issue, whether or not they knew or should have know about elizabeths pregnancy is none of their business and when joes, girlfriend threw away the strawberries well that was not only insulting but in a way a physical attack on them an should not be tolerated! But then again we shouldn't expect any better from a judgemental creep and his devoted pity project of a girlfriend


I think this girl needs serious therapy, psychologically that is. She seems to lack attention from people that is why she is doing all sorts of crazy stuff. I can see a personality problem there.


Chris Brezzy n Rihanna and JB n Selena should go on Couples Therapy on VH1 TV.


ewwwww she one nasty b....


Didn't anyone pick up her mental issues when she started the teen show, I could tell just by the way she was acting, that she had a problem, and no one did anything about, now look what MTV created a very disturbed women and needs mental health medical attention?


i am special man,i am jobless,iam belong to very poor family,do you any help me for ever?/ ????????????????


honesty or doing porn: WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE IN AMERICA?

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