Farrah Abraham: James Deen Exploited Me, Doesn't Respect Women, Has Small Junk

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Farrah Abraham continues to spout off utter nonsense regarding her sex tape and James Deen's role in it, insisting that HE IS USING HER for publicity.

The MTV star has been livid with Deen since he refused to play along with her scheme and revealed that the "sex tape" was just a Farrah Abraham porn.

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According to Deen, he was contracted to shoot the film and then asked to pretend he's dating the Teen Mom alum, at which point the tape would "leak."

He refused to cooperate, but he did co-star in the porno - which Farrah now claims she made only for her personal use, just like a wedding video.

Nice keepsake.

As for why she'd hire James Deen of all people to be in this? Because he's the best ... or so she thought. Farrah has some choice words about this now.

Abraham told a TMZ reporter this weekend that:

  • James Deen, she says, is "a bad person," plan and simple.
  • He's a guy who "uses other people to get into the public eye."
  • All she wants is for "my privacy to return to being private."
  • "He should get out of the porn industry because things have gotten to his head ... he does not respect women, and his penis is small."

Even more absurd than the penis comment - he's the "it boy" for porn right now - is the fact that THG sources confirm that Deen is telling the truth.

Nothing like throwing a guy under the bus just because he won't corroborate the lies you tried to concoct to make millions off a staged sex tape.

One wonders how Abraham sleeps at night.

Not because of the sex-on-video thing (though as a mom you could question that too), but the way self-righteously lies, schemes and treats people terribly.

Deen, whatever you think of his career, was honest.

And most ridiculous of all? Her mom was standing there the whole time! And went off on Deen herself! Watch the interview they gave to TMZ below ...


This whole thing makes me sick. Farrah just admitted she hired him for a video expected the video to be good and then debra says she didn't know she was being filmed?? Wow ok well.how about farrah is turning to prostituting - trading sex for money - got a DUI knowing damn well her daughters father died that way and oh yeah you have a 3 year old...1) sex for.money 2) dui 3) child all by the age of 21. Awesome role model MTV


Small junk Farrah? maybe your one hole is as big as your other hole (mouth) and that's why it felt small.


The truth is- Young White women have the worst reputation of any race of women on earth! They are exploited because they are -Hollow in the heart- weak of the mind and there is no bottom in their "SEEKING ATTENTION" Tank! They are and will continue to be an embarrassment and they will live with the consequences and they never learn. They are used because they are an easy target! They are prey and they are plentiful. Stupid has no limits.


It's really obnoxious in my opinion to continue to bring up the fact that she's a mother as the reason she should not have done the scheme. She's like 20 and she's always been the bratty one, honestly, on the show. She got pregnant at 16 and exploits her ex-boyfriends death as the nearly sole storyline keeping her on the show. The fact that she's a mother has nothing to do with her personality, nothing to do with her morals (and in fact, speaks poorly of them if it does anything). Farrah is very silly to have come out so strongly against James after he refused to lie about what they were doing but the only thing sillier is how much you care. We've all made mistakes, but nobody's thinking, "I might have a child one day who could come across this" when they do a porno or get drunk and do something stupid. Do you really think Sophia is going to grow up one day and search "farrah abraham porn" without first knowing of its existence, and then probably being told by those close to her that it was a mistake, or it had negative consequences? Do you really think when she's 15 kids at school are still going to be obsessed with Teen Mom on MTV and still search for Farrah Abraham porn and tease Sophia upon finding it? Do you really think anyone will care? REALLY? Farrah Abraham is no Meryl Streep. She is literally only known to teenage girls and gossip columnists, and her popularity will continue to do nothing but dwindle in the coming years until nobody knows or cares about what she's doing. Yeah, it was ridiculous of her to lie about it and then try to cover her trail by making personal attacks towards James Deen, though they would only be hurtful if they weren't laughably false (i'm sure very few porn actors are underwhelming unless marketed as such). But it's really not a big deal. She and the gossip world have made it a bigger deal than it needs to be, in my opinion.


name an american who respect women?


Time to get tested!


a couple of reprobates who should ride off into the sunset together...funny how you chix go for the dick bashing comments when their relationships go bad....and usually by their own doing.This skank clearly was all-in for this publicity stunt etc....she needs to stfu and just disappear.


He does have a small penis, ans he didnt seem to respect the girl he was choking in the sex tape that i seen him, so she is right, everyone just hates her

@ Ashley

James Deen has more integrity than Farrah ever will have, and he is a porn star... he has said nothing negative about her even though he could and anyone else WOULD... And BTW, 8.9 inches is only small to those who have a huge ass pu$$y!

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