Tiger Woods Regains World #1 Ranking, Nike Boasts "Winning Takes Care of Everything"

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"Winning takes care of everything." - Tiger Woods

It certainly doesn't hurt. Three years and four months since the infamous car crash shattered his image (and to a degree his golf game), he is #1 again.

Woods won the Arnold Palmer Invitational Monday (amazingly for the eighth time in his career), claiming the mantle of the world's top-ranked golfer.

A new Nike ad celebrates the 37-year-old's feat:

Tiger Woods Winning

While reclaiming his throne doesn't erase the last few years, there's no doubt his game is in top form, and time does have a way of healing wounds.

The fallible, non-invincible Tiger may be more likable, too, ironically.

Having been knocked down so epically, and without a major championship since 2009, the best player ever somehow has a comeback kid feel to him.

He's also dating Lindsey Vonn. So, take that haters.

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Those companies that deserted him and his endorsements should now find a much higher fee to obtain his endorsements back.


He's a chump,he still has to look in the mirror and see that he's black-that must suck.You can screw all the white-trash-skank white hoes ya want buddy.A Tiger can't change his stripes and in this case his color.He wishes he was a white guy.


No, actually it doesn't (take care of everything)! I'm all for 2nd chances and redemption and all that but not reserved solely for "winners"!!

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