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A tiny bit of good news for Ashley Greene this week, following the horrific fire that destroyed her home and killed her dog:

Sources tell TMZ that the Twilight Saga star is welcome back to the unit after the owner makes repairs because she always paid her rent on time.

Other tenants of the West Hollywood apartment building may take exception to that fact, however, as an insider also tells the site that Greene wasn’t especially popular around the grounds.

Ashley Greene at the People's Choice Awards

Her friends came and went at odd hours. Her dogs barked a lot.


The neighbors residing on the floor below Greene said the noise was often so bad that they had trouble sleeping, though their complaints to management were ignored.

Whatever issues Greene may have caused, however, authorities have ruled she was not at fault for the blaze. The fire has officially been ruled an accident.

And a canine has lost its life as a result, so let’s keep some perspective here, people. It’s a very sad situation.