Spring Breakers Director Labels James Franco a "Maniac"

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Spring Breakers fared fairly well in a limited box office release last week.

And the movie so far has generated a decent amount of attention because, well, Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens get into a threesome.

But director Harmony Korine has given fans another reason to go see this raunchy film: James Franco's portrayal of a drug dealer named "Alien."

James Franco as Alien

"I spent a year just sending him images and talking to him, designing the character," Korine told Movie Fanatic of working with the actor on the role.

"I never saw him do it. He didn’t want to rehearse. When he put in the cornrows and the gold teeth and I heard the accent… I was like ‘whoa.' He was a maniac."

We presume he means that in the most flattering way possible. Visit Movie Fanatic now for the full exclusive interview with Korine and sound off: Will you be seeing Spring Breakers this weekend?


I just saw it tonight!(Fri. 3/22nd) It's strange in some places, and could've been done better,but,overall,with the message it sends, and being the first Spring Break flick to show that it doesn't always end up in sunshine, and roses(especially if you make bad choices,or let others lead you the wrong way) I had to give-it an enthusiastic 'Thumbs-up'! However,one of the things that brings it down a step,is Franco's character---he's flat-out mentally deficient. I mean what is with the 'fellating the loaded gun barrels',huh? I mean,really?? And that was but One of the things that shows 'Alien's Damaged mental capacity. I've seen,and known personally MANY 'Street dealers, and ballers',but NONE like the character Franco tries to depict here. He's a little TOO Warped...Other than that,the message is positive, and one that can Benefit Many if they decide to pay attention to that part of it,and not stay focused on the naked women,the drugs,the weapons, and of course---Van' H. and Sel' Gomez(Yeah---good luck with that! LOL! I managed to see the message,but---only because I was looking for it,LOL!) Later all; Hollywood---out...