See-Through Yoga Pants Pulled By Lululemon, Guys Everywhere Saddened

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Lululemon Athletica is pulling shipments of unexpectedly sheer women's yoga pants from its stores, while admitting that this move would hurt its bottom line.

See what we did there?!

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Yoga Pants

The Canadian company, known for its pricey women's workout gear, is yanking the basically see-through black luon fabric yoga pants from retail locations.

Certain shipments of yoga pants that went on sale this month had an unacceptable "level of sheerness," and affected about 17 percent of all women's bottoms.

"The ingredients, weight and longevity qualities remain the same but the coverage does not," the Vancouver, British Columbia-based company said.

Customers who bought the affected yoga pants can return them for a refund.

Or you can just exchange them for a non-see-through pair that still look great at the gym but are probably inappropriate to wear as a substitute for regular pants.

Not that it'll stop people. Just saying.


"See through " .... u the end of the day, no matter who says what n why... there's still only 1 thing it comes down to, as ALWAYS!, N THAT IS... the individual women /girls themselves!!! See through my ass!! N as always, the " Holier than Tho " people r the ones to start the finger pointing! N as ALWAYS, just like SOOOOOOOOO MANY OTHER " women's garments " .... they wanna get up EVERY DAY n put on "certain " items n PRETEND... they didn't know what they looked like BEFORE walking outta the house..... *cough-bullshit-cough* ... there's not ANNNNNNY WOMEN /GIRLS.who doesn't!!! N that my friends is a fact!! Hell.. for that matter, there ain't many guys/boys who doesn't these day's!! And like so many other things... I guarantee if u traced ALL this back to it's source.... you'll find 1 or both parties at fault... 1 - being a mom that got fed up with her daughter skimming by on a boarder between ho n being a cheap ho EVERY time she walks out the door! N 2- is a woman/girl who also dresses the same as #1.... cent she grew tired of it being her piers.... n in both cases, both cases, instead of talking any responsibility for themselves ( Cuz who does that these days!!?? O.o no.. REALLY... who does) heh. * , chose to point fingers else where! (N as being a guy.. ) Seeing n knowing that this core subject has been going on since man's been placing clothing on... knows it's not just yoga pants, but dozens of different clothing! N yet... if we.. (men/boys) look,or stare...we r the bad guys.just like these company for making them "See through " . Instead of maaaybe saying... " umm.. maybe it's me!?? " Nope. No ser-ri-bob! Now, in fairness, Are some made from different material / thickness ect!??? Sure !! but as Well as there's that... there's ALSOOOOO... ( N U ALLLLL KNOW THIS is JUST AS MUCH... IF NOT MORE SO.. ) that umm... how to say this politically correct.... ummm.... errr.. uhh.... YOUR TO DAM BIG IN ALLLLLL THE WRONG PLACES FOR *X* CLOTHING!!!!!! "X" being more then just Yoga pants!!! You all know it's true!!! Be it a spaghetti string spandex tank tops, ect. N u got more rolls bulging out then an exploded can of Philsberry Dough Boy.. In the " All the WRONG regions!! " but somewhere along the way.... they been telling themselves that they looked "sexy " n or acceptable. Now before I'm labeled as some monster or pig like EVERY other " pig/monster " brethren of mine... for the record... I'm not! In fact, I'm the EXACT opposite! I truly.. TRULY.....belbelieve that EVERY WOMAN is beautiful!!


See thru whats the problem? :-)

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