See-Through Yoga Pants Pulled By Lululemon, Guys Everywhere Saddened

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Lululemon Athletica is pulling shipments of unexpectedly sheer women's yoga pants from its stores, while admitting that this move would hurt its bottom line.

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    "See through " .... u the end of the day, no matter who says what n why... there's still only 1 thing it comes down to, as ALWAYS!, N THAT IS... the individual women /girls themselves!!! See through my ass!! N as always, the " Holier than Tho " people r the ones to start the finger pointing! N as ALWAYS, just like SOOOOOOOOO MANY OTHER " women's garments " .... they wanna get up EVERY DAY n put on "certain " items n PRETEND... they didn't know what they looked like BEFORE walking outta the house..... *cough-bullshit-cough* ... there's not ANNNNNNY WOMEN /GIRLS.who doesn't!!! N that my friends is a fact!! Hell.. for that matter, there ain't many guys/boys who doesn't these day's!! And like so many other things... I guarantee if u traced ALL this back to it's source.... you'll find 1 or both parties at fault... 1 - being a mom that got fed up with her daughter skimming by on a boarder between ho n being a cheap ho EVERY time she walks out the door! N 2- is a woman/girl who also dresses the same as #1.... cent she grew tired of it being her piers.... n in both cases, both cases, instead of talking any responsibility for themselves ( Cuz who does that these days!!?? O.o no.. REALLY... who does) heh. * , chose to point fingers else where! (N as being a guy.. ) Seeing n knowing that this core subject has been going on since man's been placing clothing on... knows it's not just yoga pants, but dozens of different clothing! N yet... if we.. (men/boys) look,or stare...we r the bad guys.just like these company for making them "See through " . Instead of maaaybe saying... " umm.. maybe it's me!?? " Nope. No ser-ri-bob! Now, in fairness, Are some made from different material / thickness ect!??? Sure !! but as Well as there's that... there's ALSOOOOO... ( N U ALLLLL KNOW THIS is JUST AS MUCH... IF NOT MORE SO.. ) that umm... how to say this politically correct.... ummm.... errr.. uhh.... YOUR TO DAM BIG IN ALLLLLL THE WRONG PLACES FOR *X* CLOTHING!!!!!! "X" being more then just Yoga pants!!! You all know it's true!!! Be it a spaghetti string spandex tank tops, ect. N u got more rolls bulging out then an exploded can of Philsberry Dough Boy.. In the " All the WRONG regions!! " but somewhere along the way.... they been telling themselves that they looked "sexy " n or acceptable. Now before I'm labeled as some monster or pig like EVERY other " pig/monster " brethren of mine... for the record... I'm not! In fact, I'm the EXACT opposite! I truly.. TRULY.....belbelieve that EVERY WOMAN is beautiful!!


    See thru whats the problem? :-)

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