Lindsay Lohan Hits Nightclubs After Court Date, is Still Not Smart

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Lindsay Lohan's first stop after accepting a plea deal in which she admitted lying to police and agreed to go to an in-patient rehab facility for 90 days?

Nightclubs. Obviously.

Clueless Actress

LiLo's SUV pulled up to the AV Club, where she was spotted covering her face with a blanket as celebrity gossip photographers clamored to see her.

At that point, the 26-year-old abruptly bounced.

It's unclear why, but she left. Never went in.

The decision to skip the club was definitely the best move, but the fact that she was even there makes you question what the heck she's thinking.

Going for a last hurrah? Not a good sign that she's taking this at all seriously, even as she dodged a bullet and avoided jail by the skin of her teeth.

While rehab sure beats jail, LiLo clearly has no use for it, in her own mind. She is adamant she doesn't even have a problem ... amazing, but true.

Lohan will soon enter 90 days of lockdown rehab, which means she's not going anywhere unless there's a death in the family member or a medical necessity.

Will she get her head in the game or just go through the motions? Only time will tell, but at the moment, it looks like history could well repeat itself.

You tell us: Can LiLo get/stay clean?


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