Sarah Palin Likens Obama to Bernie Madoff, Drinks From Big Gulp, Jokes About Gun Rack

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Sarah Palin spoke at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) yesterday and certainly did not disappoint the faithful who came out to see her.

Among the highlights of her 26-minute address:

  • Likening President Barack Obama to Bernie Madoff.
  • Mocking New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg for his support of a jumbo soda ban (and busting out a Big Gulp in mid-speech for effect).
  • Talking about her new gun rack from Todd.

Palin also railed against her own party for trying to "put on a fresh coat of rhetorical paint" instead of “restoring the trust of the American people.”

“Now is the time to furlough consultants,” she said, echoing a commonly-heard refrain. “If we truly know what we believe we do not need professionals to tell us.”

She broadened her criticism to include the government as a whole, chastising the “permanent political class” who are in “permanent campaign mode.”

Sarah Palin saved her most vitriolic quotes for Obama, of course.

“He is considered a good politician,” the 2008 Republican VP nominee said, referring to Obama, “which is like saying Bernie Madoff was a good salesman."

"The difference being, the president is using our money.”

“Step away from the teleprompter and do your job.”

She even waded into the most polarizing of policy debates: gun control.

“Background checks? Yeah, I guess to learn more about a person’s thinking and associations and intentions. More background checks?” she said.

“Dandy idea, Mr. President ... should have started with yours.”

The former Alaska governor declined to run for president last year and decided against renewing her contract as a political commentator on Fox News.

Her influence within the party is subject to debate now, but she said she speaks for “the heartland of America" in saying "things are bad out here.”


The Teabag Party was started by the minutemen and they were started by the KKK (these are the uneducated that believe the south will rise again). Now they control the GOP, who now want to send out coconuts with the same old GOP message of protecting the rich, because they no longer hold a lead on civil liberties because they were the ones who came up and passed the Patriot Act, they were the ones who kidnapped and waterboarded, they were the ones who passed vaginal ultrasound bills throughout the nation (but leave the child abandoned after birth), they are the ones who love hating the gays (even though some secretly practice it), they were the ones who passed minority voter suppression laws right before a national election. But hey keep doing, what you are doing, and the end game is clear, you are out, finished. I think the GOP has written off all minorities (who needs us, honestly who needs you!), but hey send out your coconuts, but don’t expect winning any elections. The GOP is reaping what they have sown!


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All you UGLYASS feminist types are jealous that you are fat and out of shape...Palin and Bachman are attractive gals and you wittle dopes can't handle it.Nothing intimidates a liberal woman more than an attractive conservative WHITE gal....


Really! Does Sarah expect us to believe that she keeps her girlish figure at 50 by sipping on a big gulp sugar laden soda? I guess it's okay for her to be a hypocrite.


If palin had any common sense she'd stay in alaska & play with a polar bear & she can take that booze smoking John boehner with her she has no rites critizing anyone considering she couldn't handle the pressure as govenor & which she quit she has no business being in politics she should leave her comedy to Tina who does a much better impression


Another member of today's DONNER Party, eating up members of their own party and spitting the pieces back out at any other party member who would appear to be listening...


Palin never got how stupid the world look's at her or hears her words .Palin is like a spoiled child ,when she wants attention she shows off herself in the most outrageous ways.No one with half a brain listens and I for one wishes you would get off the stage, the world does not need her,but I bet her children might.


She appears to be the only speaker present to "represent" every day "regular folks". Her call for Washington to "get over itself" was a breath of fresh air. She was only speaker to talk honestly about the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence and not selfishly use her opportunity to speak for self-political gain. "Wake up people!"


There should be a warning to her, like on the side of cigarette package. Warning...listening to this woman will kill brain cells.


Have you noticed how Republicans are starting to distance themselves from the Sarah... who used to be their "Great White Hope"?
Don't expect to see Sarah being trotted out by Republican handlers anytime soon. Since the big defeat of Tea Party Candidates (who only had to opening their mouths and go down in defeat) the Republican party is having second thoughts about the wisdom of the Tea Party movement
Allen West (R-Fla.) and Joe Walsh (R-Ill.) ,Rep. Todd Akin (R-Mo.) ,Richard Mourdock ...the hope of the Tea Party movement...all lost their elections. Even Michelle Bachmann, Tea Party favorite and once Republican candidate, barely managed to edge out an unknown Democrat in her state.
If Republicans are smart (and according to Bobby Jindel they are pretty "stupid") they'll head to the exits when they see Sarah coming. She's going to try to stay relevant in order to keep selling her books and capitalizing on her fame. I hope she succeeds. She's the best salesmen the Democratic party could hope for...a reminder that the "Christian Taliban movement" is still alive and well in American.

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