Lil Wayne "Not Near Death" But Totally OD'd on Sizzurp, Source Says

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Everybody chill the bleep out.

That's the message coming from friends of Lil Wayne, whose fans feared the worst Friday amid reports that he was in critical condition and being read his last rites.

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While the rapper's camp has slammed speculation that he was near death - T.I. put TMZ on blast - peeps close to him do acknowledge that he has issues.

"TMZ was so off base. Wayne is fine," an insider dished. "He drank too much sizzurp to get a better high. He needs rehab but he's not close to death or anything."

"He's better now and just coming down off the high."

Sizzurp is a highly addictive, narcotic concoction of prescription-strength cough syrup, sugary sodas and hard candies, typically sipped out of Styrofoam cups.

Prescription-grade cough syrups contain codeine and promethazine, creating a euphoric, sleepy high for users, who often mix it with alcohol for maximum fade.

Wayne and other rappers have often described their love for sizzurp, but he may be playing with fire by using it, given his history of serious seizures.

Last rites or not, Lil Wayne was hospitalized last week twice after suffering seizures, a number of close associates rushing to his bedside in L.A.

His stomach was reportedly pumped three times Friday.

He may have bounced back from this episode faster than many observers anticipated, but it's a frightening pattern for someone just 30 years old.

Hopefully he lays off the sizzurp for awhile, for rizzle.


With therapy and lots of practice, he should be able to light his own meth pipe in a few weeks.


Ahhh! Weezy F baby n the F aint for Funeral! Get better so0n n lay 0ff dat Sizzurp for a while, my fwnds l0ve sizzurp bc0z of u! Lol! Much love <3


black people won't die like this.............


This why we laugh at Africans and their unevolved brains.

@ Able

Thats called racism . Do all African or African Americans look like Lil Wayne or worship him ? Fuck no . Everybody makes their own mistakes Lil Wayne doesn't make personality choices for everyone but himself . So next time you want to say something stupid, think first .

@ Vannesa

And a resident of Mayberry rises to wave... Life is simple there isn't it? Pour us all a glass of buttermilk would you dearie?

James becker
@ Albert

@Able Maybe you've been doing sizzurp, and that's the reason why you would say something as idiotic as that. If you're going to say something stupid, run it through your head first to see if it will make you look like a complete moron before saying it.


Lil' Wayne needs to straighten up. He has kids. Dude, you can't do this shit when you have kids.

@ Zaza

Sorry man but you must not know what a drug addiction is. He doesent have control over his ability to say no to the drug.. I know this on a personal level as i am 3 years into recovery. Addicts dont think about anything / anyone else when they need or are on the drug. and Promethazine is nothing to joke about. i did it a few times and it wrecked me harder than heroin.

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