Kim Kardashian Deposed, Swears True Love for Kris Humphries

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Kim Kardashian truly loved Kris Humphries back in the day and never had any intention of frauding him into marriage.

So the reality star swore Tuesday in her nine-hour deposition, which took place in Los Angeles at the office of her attorney, Laura Wasser.

Kim Kardashian Out of Her Car

Details are still leaking out regarding the testimony in this terse Kris Humphries-Kim Kardashian divorce case, but sources tell TMZ that the former did not even show up for the proceedings.

Kardashian testified that her family's E! series played NO role in her decision to exchange vows with the Nets power forward.

Reportedly, Humphries' attorney did not press very much on the issue of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, despite an oath from its producer this month that various segments related to Kim and Kris were staged.

Perhaps the lawyer was aware that the staging and re-creating of these scenes simply proves that his client was in on the scripted nonsense all along.

A hearing is set for May 6, where Kim hopes a divorce is granted, while Humphries and his legal team are still hoping for an annulment. On what ground?

No one really knows.


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Kim Kardashian Deposed, Swears True Love for Kris Humphries
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If you people think the show is "nonsense" why do you even acknowledge it, let alone have updated reports on it every week? That makes no sense! Anyway, for once, hopefully there will be justice and the courts take Kim's side. Kris's lawyer backed down, when your own lawyer backs down, what does that tell you? That's a very very bad sign.


It's obvious that this articles author has some Kris biases as well as basic ignorance of legal process. A deposition isn't a proceeding in which the opposing party is even allowed the slam on Humphrey is totally out of line. A deposition usually only has opposing attorneys, the court recorder and the person being deposed (a witness or other party being question to relavent evidence to the case.) Accordingly this deposition becomes evidence usually to bolster or discredit the witness testimony later at.trial ...its not a trial in or of itself though it certainly can feel like it. That a witness is sticking to her story is irrelevant to the facts but makes the story more credible before a jury. Court cases now a days have little or nothing to do with truth or justice but are decided primarily upon first the most appealing of the parties physically and then the charm of the attorneys. Even the opposing stories get lost in all of the paper shuffle and trials are long drawn out murderously boring affairs that most jurors fall asleep in before the defense can even make their case. If this goes to trial with a male jury Humphrey doesn't have a chance. Unless the men are gay..of course.


And this divorce drama continues.


Give me a break. She loved him about as much as a fat kid loves brussel sprouts. Did they ever even live together?? I know the show is fake and all but on the show she wouldn't let him move in with her....I could totally see that happening. She only loved him for the few minutes of the wedding ceremony on camera and that's about it.

@ Kellie

So, you claim the show is "fake", yet you use what happened on that "fake" show to prove something against Kim? Of all the Kim haters I've argued with, you are one of the most two-faced of them all. Congratulations!


I loved him so much that we had a 2 days honeymoon with the cameras rolling. I loved him so much that when we came back we went and lived with my sister, her boyfriend and a baby, I loved him so much that I had a fit when he sent his clothes to my house in LA. I loved him so much that I did not go for marriage counseling when I realized things where not easy regarless of the fact that I play a marriage counselor!!!!!!! Oh yes I loved him so much as #2 becauuuuuuuuuuuuse Kanye with his 90M networth was #1. MB
PS. Where is your crystick.......did you loose it?

@ mboomer

LOLOLOLOL. But....what is a crystick????


Lying twat


I loved him soooooo much and then after 72days I was like omg I’m just a basketball wife…no jet setting, no high profile “friends”
So I’m just gonna divorce the love of my love after 72 and try make his life miserable as much as possible, go behind his back and shoot extra scenes an edit them to make him look like an idiot because I just love him so much and now. I’m so in love with a man I started screwing during my Reggie Bush days an I’m expecting his child even though my mom didn’t want me to fall pregnant with my own husband because we both knew I was gonna get rid of
him anyway lol… I mean he wanted a quiet life without
cameras and paparazzi, seriously what’s the point of
Buying and wearing expensive clothes if the paparazzi
Is not gonna see them and post on their blogs? Uggh
And not to mention my gullible, delusional, stupid fans
who keep watching my show and making me rich
Anyway back to the topic_I loved my ex hubby so much
I just thought it would be cool for my new ego maniac,
un talented, disgusting mouth bf to trash him in his new song lol and that as so perfect we got so much attention… And now I’m being
Exposed ugh its so annoying


Kim only married him for the money.
The two million doll or ring , the
Eighteen million dollors for the t.v. show,
And all the gifts that she kept everything.
He got nothing. That marriage was very
Profitable for her.
Thanks sharon


When you lie so often, you actually
believe those lies. Just like Mrs
Humphries sees nothing wrong with
carrying another mans child.

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