Justin Bieber Ticket Sales to Blame for Canceled Concert

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Well, this is embarrassing for Justin Bieber.

Once Bieber canceled a concert scheduled for tomorrow night in Portugal, rumors began to circulate: Were his health problems returning? Was he still reeling from that reporter confrontation?

Was he flying home to chew Lil Twist out for wrecking yet another car?

Da Biebs on Stage

Nope, nope and nope.

TMZ sources confirm Bieber had to pull the plug on the event for the sort of reason that plagues (much) lesser artist: low ticket sales.

An insider says sales were "soft" (around 60% venue capacity) and the best "business decision" was to refund those who did purchase a ticket and move on to the next tour stop.

This isn't exactly a death blow for Bieber, he's still rather popular around the world.

But it is very unusual for a star at his level.


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Jay-Z net worth is 475 million at (43)/Beyonce is 300 million at (31) for a total of 775 million.
Justin Bieber worth is 150 million at (19) mid 2013, and should be at over 200 million at the end of 2013. Selena! You needs to put your ass in gear girl!!


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FYI the concert was sold out. Logistically to break down a staging set and to transport it 390 miles, and stage it for the next day is border line. I can only speculate that the Bieb's party did not want the same repercussion as the London Feb 4th concert. Also for public safety there are certifications by the local authorizes that must be approved as part of the show. If you remember; one of his venues caught on fire, because of the fireworks.


did he ever lie against his mother, folks?


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