Justin Bieber FLIPS OUT, Threatens to "Beat the F-ck" Out of Photographer

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Well, we guess Justin Bieber is feeling better.

The singer - released from the hospital after last night's scary collapse in London - absolutely lost it today when confronted by a photographer on the way to his vehicle.

After being bumped by one of Bieber's bodyguards, the reporter hurled insults at JB, referring to him as a "f-cking little moron" and telling him to "f-ck off back to America."

In response, Justin flipped out, threatening to "beat the f-ck" out of the guy and needing to be restrained by members of his entourage. Watch the fiery exchange take place now:

Tweeted the Biebs soon afterward:

"Ahhhhh! Rough morning. Trying to feel better for this show tonight but let the paps get the best of me."

Yes, Bieber does still plan to take the stage at the O2 arena this evening. Let's hope he's calmed down by then.

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To Josh: You said because of Justin the reporter acted that way? But the reporter was the one starting shit first that's why Justin acted that way. But he could have handled it better like just ignoring it and stay in the car


How interesting that they reported beiber as being in the right. Beiber went out of his way to physically push the guy... That is why the reporter responded the way he did.

@ Josh

Josh- Did you even read the article? He had just gotten out of the hospital after collapsing and someone was throwing insults at him first! THAT was his reaction. How would you feel getting harassed by people day in and day out and being insulted after just getting out of the hospital just to get a news story? I'm not even a JB fan, I hate his music, but my hate for his music doesn't make me wanna talk shit like you, grow up please.


The reason the little girls lip synch show was 2 hours late was they couldn't find the memory card, and this generation can't preform live.

@ Ben

Hey, don't complain unless you plan on getting up there and being famous. You probably have no talent.

@ KayKat

justin bieber


Lmao I like how he's all talking hard and he's guards are holding him back like he's actually gonna do something but he's trying to get back in the car lol like really you ain't hard so quit acting like it your only embarrassing yourself kid.


pfffffffffffffffff, KIDS?
puberty is a pain in the ass.


Paps are the scum of the earth. I know it comes with the territory and he should handle himself better but I feel bad for Justin.


He couldn't beat the fuck out of a wet paper bag. Pussy


Ummmm, he isnt American you idiot brit pap. He is Canadian. If you are going to scream at him, make sure you know what Country he is from.

@ DanaJ

Uh....Canada IS part of North America....there are only 7 continents (Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia, South America, NORTH AMERICA and Antarctica.) If you honestly didn't know that you really should go back to the first grade.

@ DanaJ


@ DanaJ

DanaJ, obviously you aren't aware but Canada is part of North America. He is American. Just not from the United States.

@ Kelli

Really? Then why do we have to go through Customs then?

@ Login

Seriously? A continent and a country are two completely different things. Canada is a country, while North America is a continent.