Justin Bieber Laments "Worst Birthday" Ever

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He received a standing ovation after a concert in England. He walked around shirtless. He partied late into the night.

So what made Justin Bieber Tweet that he suffered through the "worst birthday" ever yesterday after turning 19?

Justin Bieber Parties in London

Details are still coming in, but a witness tells E! News that Bieber hosted a circus-themed shindig at  London's Cirque du Soir last night.

However, a couple hours into the bash, members of Bieber's entourage got into some kind of confrontation with club security, prompting Justin and his friends to leave and the artist to head back to his hotel.

As always, fans have rallied around their singer, with the hashtag "#BeliebersHatePaparazzi" going viral on Twitter and with supporters blaming these so-called reporters for for ruining the Justin's big night.

We'll update this story as more news breaks, but at least Bieber was joined by his rumored new gal pal for the evening.

Sources confirm Ella-Paige Roberts Clarke was at the party.


I am starting to become so disappointed in Justin. Being a Canadian, I of course was thrilled that he was a true heart throb to his million of fans. He was under control, his mom was keeping a close eye and his management was also. But, in the last 6 months or so....he has turned into a spoiled brat. He always claimed that he's never forget where he came from and that was nothing.....a very poor upbringing where money was short but his faith in God and family were strong. Give your head a shake Justin as well as your mom and Scooter!


This picture just goes to prove that Bieber is such a pretty girl!


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