Justin Bieber Battery Case: Headed for Prosecution

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According to authorities, Justin Bieber will likely face criminal battery charges for his argument with an angry neighbor earlier this week.

As previously reported, the singer was confronted by Jeff Schwartz - a 47-year old father of three - and berated for driving recklessly around the neighborhood.

Both Schwartz, his wife and a third witness claim Bieber spit on his antagonist during the disagreement and had to be restrained by his bodyguard from going after him.

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Los Angeles County Investigators have looked into the incident and will refer the case to the District Attorney, law enforcement insiders confirm to TMZ.

The main reason for prosecution?

Officials believe Bieber's history of disregard for the law - in terms of his driving record and pot smoking - show a pattern of troublesome behavior. They have seen many similar cases in the past of such small law-breaking leading into far more serious conduct down the line.

Regardless of there this case goes legally, those within the Sheriff's Department believe Justin need professional help.




Come back to Canada EH! police here well hold your weed


What a little shit. Hopefully he's crash and burn soon.

@ thisisdog



What is unbearable for Justin is everyone around him has betrayed him especially his mother. He has fans but no friends, managers but no friends, handlers but no friends, family but no friends, maybe the only friend he has is his monkey. I don't mean to say he doesn't care about those around him, he just needs help brining it to them. Any mother who really cared about their child would have never exploited them the way she did. She is sick, he could help her if he decided to. Most "stars" don't do well, a kid starting out at 13 or 12 as he did with late night failures attacking him doesn't have much of a chance. Most adult "stars" end up crashing so what hope is there for a kid. I have worked with a lot of inners city kids, Justin is not beyond help but his handlers, managers and mother will never allow him to have a friend or someone he can talk to nor allow him to make a healthy contribution to other kids. What is frustrating for me is he could be such a great asset for so many other kids, he says he wants to be a role model, he could be, he can be, geez do I desperately need his help or did before I crashed, but I am still doing what I can. But then he will never read this or respond. For what it is worth I pray for him, someone needs to. PS. I am one of those liberal folks who doesn't pray much but in this rare case I decided to.

@ Phillip Hunger

What Justin finds unbearable is all those around him have betrayed him especially his mother. He has fans but no friends, mangers but no friends, handlers but no friends, family but no friends, the only friend he has may be his monkey. He may care about those he perceives as close him, and they certainly need his help. At age 13 or 14 with late night talk hosts attacking him what chance does he have at age 19. Most adult "stars" crash after a few years so what chance does he have. In no way is this an excuse for his behavior. I have worked with a lot of inner city kids, Justin is not beyond hope the problem is his managers, handlers and family will never allow him to become healthy because all they see is dollar signs. Geez, could I have used him in the inner city of St. Louis a few years ago, but in Colorado I am still in the game. He will never read this, nor understand it, so in the mean time I will pray for Justin and keep on doing what I do. PS. I am a liberal who doesn't pray much but in this case have. For what it is worth as one loser to another I will keep on praying.


I think Justin should be with Selena and not have much problems. But all people have those things in their life. But i really like him. Because i think he is cute and a gentleman


What a joke.


Justin didn't ever deserve Selena,I can't believe this,it's such an unfair world,people who don't deserve anything always get everything,not that I'm jealous of JB,because I have everything I want and my life is great enough,but I just can't stand the fact that this guy dated that amazing girl!!!


he should have sticked in Canada until he was old enough to deal california-stardom.


Legal age for adult in California is 18 years old.
1. The neighborhood is a gated neighborhood which means that there is a covariance community committee that oversees the properties, (the roads are private property).
2. It's been stated that the neighbor went over to Justin's house in anger.
3. Justin's security team also stated that the neighbor put his finger on him. This is also Criminal Battery.
4. What the neighbor should have done was to seek the properties security and make a complaint to the committee.


[Bieber Facing CRIMINAL BATTERY Charges For Spitting Incident?] Most likely not! He is still a teen, and the court would have to trial him as an adult, if it ever goes to trial. The most that he will get as a teen first offence is parental guidance under the wings of his manager Scooter

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