Jerry Sandusky Victim #2 Threatened By John Ziegler: Talk to Me or I'll OUT YOU!

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A man who interviewed disgraced football coach Jerry Sandusky in prison has given his second victim an ultimatum that arguably amounts to extortion:

Give me an exclusive interview, or I'll reveal your identity.

Sandusky, Interviewer

John Ziegler, who interviewed Sandusky for a documentary he hopes will clear Joe Paterno's name, said Monday that he planned to "out" victim #2.

Sandusky was convicted of raping the victim in a Penn State shower back in 2001, following testimony from former PSU assistant football coach Mike McQueary.

Paterno was subsequently fired from PSU for not reporting the incident to his superiors, making victim #2 particular significance to the shocking scandal.

Ziegler, however, insists Sandusky did NOT rape victim #2 and that McQueary's testimony is BS. Ziegler says his identity is needed to clear Paterno's name.

When Ziegler heard the victim was upset about his interview with Matt Lauer and the accusations pertaining to Paterno and Sandusky, HE was upset.

Ziegler posted the ultimatum on his website today, demanding the victim call him personally to explain why he's so mad, or Ziegler will open the floodgates.

Ziegler obviously has a lot to gain by an exclusive interview with #2, who's now an adult, since Sandusky's victim has never spoken to the media.

But it's a pretty unethical way to handle this, no?


Wow. There are so many errors to this article. Per the court, Sandusky was acquitted of the rape charges against victim #2. Paterno DID (not as stated above) report the incident to his supervisors. As for McQueary, he changed his story several times and in the end said he did not see a rape. He just thought the whole thing was inappropriate which it was. I am not defending Sandusky. I am just amazed that someone can write such inaccuracies and claim them as the truth. Ziegler did not reveal the name but considered doing so thinking he somewhat became a public figure after the victim publishing multiple letters to the local paper. In my opinion, Ziegler did not handle that well but he did not out him. So, I agree with the last statement. If only you could have gotten the other facts right you would be taken more seriously.

@ Obi

You missed Sandusky's bio. This is what passes for journalism these days...


...........he will never work again as a journalist.


Here's hoping John Ziegler gets hit by a bus.


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Someone should take you JOHN ZIEGLER and rape your Douchebag ASS in a shower. What the fuck are you thinking old Joe knew what happened and did nothing. Never call the police because it would tarnish his precious football. FUCK YOU AND FUCK OLD JOE!

@ mrs j

mrs j - you have no idea what you're talking about.

@ wjleigh

Yeah... Joe thought (knowing that at a minimum Mcqueary had already spoken to his father and doctor) that the best way to sweep it under the rug was to call his superior the day after McQueary came to him, in order to set up a meeting between his superior, McQueary, and the Vice President of the university, who also happened to be in charge of the campus police department. Yeah... That makes sense, because we all know that when you're trying to keep something quiet and have reason to believe that at least six people may already know about what you are trying to keep secret (McQueary, his father, doctor, Sandusky, "Victim #2," and Paterno), the best thing to do is to set up a meeting with two high-ranking administrators so that the number can escalate to eight people, before those people report to a ninth person (PSU President, Spanier).

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