Jada Pinkett Smith Defends Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift, Calls Out Haters

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Jada Pinkett Smith has come to the defense of a couple young A-listers.

With Justin Bieber hearing it these days - following a pot smoking controversy, a blow up at a photographer and more - Smith penned a Facebook post that didn't mention any star by name.

But whose subject matter was obvious to any celebrity gossip follower.

Justin Bieber O2 Arena Photo
Taylor Swift Brit Awards Performance

"It is as if we have forgotten what it means to be young or even how to behave like good ol' grown folk," the actress wrote on Sunday.

"Do we feel as though we can say and do what we please without demonstrating any responsibility simply because they are famous?

"Is it okay to continually attack and criticize a famous 19 year old who is simply trying to build a life, exercise his talents while figuring out what manhood and fame is all about as he carries the weight of supporting his family as well as providing the paychecks to others who depend on him to work so they can feed their families as well?

"Does that render being called a c*** by an adult male photographer as you try to return to your hotel after leaving the the hospital?"

Smith, whose son Jaden is close to Bieber, then turned her attention to Taylor Swift, who has also under fire for her dating life and recently snapping at Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.

"What about being a young woman in her early twenties, exploring the intracacies [sic] of love and power on the world stage?

"Should we shame a young woman for displaying a sense of innocence as she navigates through the murky waters of love, heartbreak, and fame? Are these young people not allowed to be young, make mistakes, grow, and eventually transform a million times before our eyes?"

Overall, Jada asks: Are we bullying our young artists?

What do you think, THGers? Does the actress raise a few good points here? Or is this just all part of playing the fame game?




the media absolutely bullies these young stars! its about time someone said something. remember britney spears? they hounded her, took pics of every little thing, she had no privacy..........i wold be driven crazy as well! these stars think everyone loves them, then imagining feeling liek the whole world is against them! and for what? because others less fortunate are jealous of their success and money so young..........my daughter loves taylor swift and i encourage it, she s a great role model.


Thanks Jada. :) and yes you are 100% right.
Tay Tay


LC can you please send me a Bieber gram!! Long form!>Twitter!


why i agree with jada but that is not bullying compared to what many kids face in the inner cities due to race,sexual orientation and just because.

@ mighty wright

fuck off


Mrs. Pinkett-Smith: These are all valid points. I raised some of these same points in 2008 about a teenage female artist that the whole world turned against(or so it seemed). Young adults have a hard enough time trying to grow-up and find themselves as everyday people. I can't imagine trying that as a celebrity. Even worse should one be a super-mega-star. Maybe not every teen, or young adult,makes mistakes,but,the vast majority does. I certainly did, and then some. While it is absolutely a must that when someone goes afoul of rules or messes up,they have to be reprimanded,or made to take responsibility for their actions,it is definitely no excuse to act like a pack of rabid jackals toward others merely because they happen to be celebrities. We do some of our most astute learning through our mistakes. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, should be allowed some lee-way when going through this process. Without some of the ridiculous rants,name-calling,and flat-out horrible behavior I've witnessed from so-called civilized people,toward our youthful celebrities in just the past 13-years! And it seems to be getting worse instead of better...Society has lost all concept of decency, and latitude toward those who make mistakes---unless it's themselves of course...In short,Mrs. Pinkett-Smith,you are correct: Society as a whole has forgotten what it was like when they were young,and the mistakes they made. Theirs were just not plastered on TV, or PC's, for everyone to see...Then there is a theory I have that,many know for certain who, and what, they are truly like inside, and wish to point fingers at others in order to draw heat away from themselves...Either way,or whatever it is,it's very ugly,and for damn sure WRONG...No-one is examining the long-term effect these sort of bullying, and vicious assaults, can leave on the individuals in question. The masses forget that Celebrities are REAL People,with REAL Feelings,and Thoughts. Being Famous doesn't make you impervious to hateful slander, and jack-ass behavior,it just makes you a more---easy target...parents should think of how they would like someone speaking about their children this way, before they speak such cruel things. Actually everyone should...You did a good thing here,Mrs. Pinkett-Smith. I Thank you,and Commend you. If more contributed, and thought this way,I believe there would be a lot less bullying taking place. However,if society has proven anything in the past,it's that they take particular pleasure in tearing down others,rather than keep their own backyards clean...Please keep fighting the good fight. The youth can always use more warriors to take-up the battle for them---before it's too-late...Hollywood---out.


celebrities are just a bunch of egomaniacs?
or they wanna mean something usefull to enire society and make it to the history books?

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