Holly Madison Debuts Baby Rainbow!

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The name may be unusual.

But the face is downright adorable!

A couple weeks after giving birth to daughter Rainbow, Holly Madison has introduced the world to her first child via an In Touch Weekly picture spread.

Holly Madison Baby

"Just holding her is so much fun," Madison tells the tabloid. "Even the delivery was easy - I was actually laughing as I was pushing. I had an epidural, so it was fun. She made it easy on me."

Holly also says that she and Pasquale Rotella have plans to expand their new family.

"We want Rainbow to have lots of brothers and sisters. I'd love to have six!" Madison says, aiming very high.

For more cute photos and a lot more from the former centerfold, pick up the latest issue of In Touch.


All that kid did was cry the whole show. 'holly has a baby' It obviously wanted to be swaddled. Holly is an idiot. Rainbow? Horrible name


I am so happy for Holly. What a beautiful baby!


I hope the child doesn't grow up to be a slut like her mother. Whatever happened to MARRYING one's baby daddy??? Especially before making MORE brats after the first one is (ooops) born.


The baby don't even look real. And Rainbow is a weird and unique name... But look at 90 percent of celebs children, they all have awful names. Where's the daddy??


Woe until poor little Rainbow... setting her up to be bullied


Congratulations to her and her new family.


This is not the sixties,now all she has to do is change her last name to "Bright"


Well, won't the little darling be proud to have such a fine upstanding mother.

@ wtf2

upstanding??? I always thought Holly quite "Laidback" Get it??? LAID back....


Are there any celebrities that give their kids normal names?

@ Kellie

There are no NORMAL celebs!!!! Maybe if she has a boy she'll name him HEF!!!!! whahahahahahahaha!!!!


There should be a law against giving your children ridiculous names like this....

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