Heidi Klum Burger Ad: Behind the Scenes

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She may look like a fox but Heidi Klum isn't afraid to pig out.

Following the release of her Carl's Jr. promotional photo - announcing to the world that Klum has followed in the insanely hot footsteps of Kate Upon and Padma Lakshmi as spokeswomen for this fast food chain - the model has taken us behind the scenes of her upcoming commercial.

Holding a Jim Beam Bourban Six Dollar Thickburger (920 calories!), the 39-year old says in the video that she does suck down such fare.

Are you actually buying this claim? Do you believe Klum partakes in any non-healthy recipes and snacks?

Or do you not care and just want to stare at her cleavage? We understand and apologize. Go right ahead.


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Heidi Klum [on her marriage proposal]: [Seal] took me by helicopter. He had an igloo built there, and they’d brought up everything: a bed with sheets inside the igloo, rose petals everywhere, candles. Very, very romantic! There was food and champagne, and then the helicopter left. It was a little scary, too, because you’re so cut off from the world. No trees, nothing - it was hard-core. But I was ecstatic. I loved it. It was wonderful.

I have a normal life and I have this glamorous life, but to me it's two different things. It's not like I'm this glamour diva who hands everything over and I just sit on my throne at home.

Heidi Klum