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Is Maria Shriver returning to the Today show?

That’s the rumor going after the former NBC fixture reported from the Vatican on the program this week, leading the network to explore a permanent deal.

The question is whether she’s interested.

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Maria may tease (and give a ratings boost) to NBC by coming on occasionally for big stories like the Papal coverage, but beyond that, her role is unclear.

Shriver has turned down overtures from NBC and other networks in the past, and simply may not want a daily gig because she doesn’t need the money.

The former wife of Arnold Schwarzengger is deeply invested in her charity work and raising their four kids, and has a net worth of at least $100 million.

Basically, she’s reluctant to get back into the daily grind of TV news, no matter how badly NBC might want her to replace Matt Lauer‘s tanking Q rating.

Exhale, Matt.