Fired for Premarital Sex: Woman to Sue Christian College

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Teri James, a former employee of San Diego Christian College, has hired Gloria Allred to sue the school for allegedly firing her for engaging in premarital sex.

James told The Today Show that she did sign a contract stipulating she would not take part in "sexually immoral behavior including premarital sex."

However, "I needed a job in this economy and so I never thought that anything would happen," the 29-year old explained.

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James said she was subsequently embarrassed called into her supervisor's office last year and asked if she was pregnant. Upon giving confirmation, she was fired.

Oddly enough, James assert the college later offered a position to her now-husband, even though officials were aware he had sex before getting married, as well.

During a news conference this week, James said she felt she was treated unfairly:

"I was unmarried, pregnant and they took away my livelihood."


The issue here is if it is really legal to have such a stipulation in a contract. Her willingness to sign is really irrelevant. The legal quagmire really is "can such a thing exist in a contract?" My answer is "no," and that is why you have Gloria Alred taking on the case. That is what she will argue. One's own reproductive rights are for them and them only, and if it is an illegal requirement, then one cannot sign an agreement to it, and therefore cannot breach it. This has nothing to do with religious conviction of the institution. Even such an institution cannot trample on the rights of one's personal life; even things the school might find unbecoming of an employee (as long as it is not illegal, of course). There were no grounds to have this in the contract, therefore there were no grounds for termination, because her sexual history/reproductive rights are protected and are not in the scope of her employment duties. Further troubling is her mate being offered a position for commuting the same act for which they terminated her. Oh yeah, Gloria is all over this one. I don't always support her, but this time I absolutely do.


I definitely do NOT believe that anyone should have to sign a contract stating that they will not have sex before marriage as a condition for employment. If it were me, this would be turn-off enough. Whether or not I wanted to obey this abstinence rule, knowledge that my employer requires notice about my sex life would stop me from continuing with the application process for the job. She is better off not working for such a creepy boss. At the end of the day, though, she did sign a contract knowing what it stated and she did breach the contract and that is grounds for firing. It's always embarrassing to be fired. This case is no different in that regard. The only difference is the subject matter and the fact that her sex life mattered at all to her employer, where usually such personal details are irrelevant in hiring/firing.


when i was young this would be scandalos but now a days people don't bat an eye. but still are people who will voice their opinion without prove i will nerver understant why anyone feels they have the right to abuse some one just because you don't agree with some coment they made they said or did no one is perfect abuse people are entiled to their a opinion whiether(a'm sorry i caN'T SPELL) you agree or not i'm old but someone i met who i thought was friend i was a teenager when this happened but it affected my whole life beause this person who thought she had the right to bad mouth me until every time i opened my mouth i got put down it brought memories when i was a teenager and i constantly got put down by this individual i still can remember her name because my opion ment nothing because of her i stopped talking everyone is intilted to their opionon wether agree or not


She signed saying she wouldn't engage in premarital sex while she was employed at the school. It's as cut and dry as that. Everything else is seperate, it's not just about being Christian, but she signed a contract which she broke.


Seems like the "Christians" are not being very Christian about this. Maybe they should take a retreat and meditate on the nature of Christian love. Maybe then they would not put this young mother out of work.


Yes she broke her contract - but how come she was fired and the father employed?
Same 'crime' different outcomes = sexism


on the othert hand: people make wrong discissions.

@ abe

Plenty of articles on Iraq...


this is none of their business.(the college)
if the work you're hired hired for was o.k., the job is done.


I can understand that she's upset but she did knowingly sign a legally binding contract with a Christian organization. I mean, if you're going to pre-marital fuck then at least use a condom and get on the pill.

@ Unfettered

I can understand that too, but the college should not have offered a job to her husband knowing he's the father of her child because he engaged in premarital sex.