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Justin Bieber may have suffered through the worst birthday ever this week.

But at least he has the greatest fans in the universe.

Following an unfortunate incident at a London club Friday night – reports now claim Bieber and his entourage got into it with security after the establishment insisted 14-year old Jaden Smith was too young for entry – Bieber took to Twitter yesterday and wrote:

Justin & Hailey at the Met Gala
Photo via Getty

“I see and saw all the posts from around the world. U got me smiling. Love u. Thank u.”


Justin also re-Tweeted the following sage words of wisdom from manager Scooter Braun:

“Life is a roller coaster. Just know when u dip low it is only to build excitement as u will fly high again. Enjoy the journey.”

We agree and all, but Justin may need to get a little perspective.

Choosing to leave an exclusive club on your 19th birthday because your famous friend’s age violates the club’s policy isn’t exactly a major low point in life. Some folks have it a tad worse, JB.