Denver Thong Bandit Renews Flashing Spree, Remains on the Loose

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The Denver Thong Bandit - a dude wearing a thong - has been seen running around and exposing himself in some of the city's neighborhoods.

Here is a police sketch of the alleged perp:

Denver Thong Bandit Photo

Officials said the flashing suspect was first spotted at the end of last summer, but he’s been “quiet” for several months, only to surface again recently.

Warmer weather and all probably helps.

However, there have been four reports of the man exposing himself over the past two weeks, renewing concern that the Denver Thong Bandit is back.

The underwear color has changed over time, officials said. Initial reports were of a man wearing a pink thong, but he has reportedly switched to black.

Police are taking him seriously, too. “We’re looking for an individual who we have titled the ‘Thong Bandit,’” District 1 Commander Paul Pazen told 9NEWS.

“He is fully clothed somewhere in the mouth of an alley, will disrobe down to a thong and expose himself further in front of female citizens in northwest Denver.”

Denver Police are on the lookout across the city and region.

If you see the DTB, call for help. Once you finish laughing.