Demi Moore Demands Spousal Support from Ashton Kutcher

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We have an update on the Demi Moore divorce papers filed this week.

TMZ has obtained the documents and they ask for spousal support from Ashton Kutcher, even though the actress reportedly makes far more than the Two and a Half Men star.

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"She's got money up the wazoo," a source tells the site, adding that Kutcher did NOT seek the same support when he filed in December.

Moreover, Moore wants Kutcher to pay her attorney fees, a clear sign she's trying to stick it to her ex in as many fiscal ways as possible.

Negotiations are reportedly ongoing, though it's very unlikely a judge will agree that the wealthier party is somehow entitled to spousal support.

Both Demi and Ashton listed "irreconcilable differences" as the basis for their split.

In Demi's case, that's probably because "wandering penis" was not an option..


Clearly she is more lovely ,wealthy ,wise, and more beautiful inside and out than he is. He's lucky to have ever had the pleasure of having a wife such as Demi. God bless that woman for being a class act inspite of how difficult all of this has been for her.


Why should he pay for her ass to sit around to do nothing. They don't have Amy kids at home. And why doesn't she get her shit together and go to work herself.


My Best Wishes for you Demi Moore. Good Luck. Blessings.

@ karen

She doesn't need his money. It's a penalty for his inability to stay true to the vowels he took and his lack of faithfulness to say the least. An attempt to make him think twice before he carelessly makes the same decision again that there are reprocussions.


Ms Moore is sadly a victim of betrayal. Giving her heart to a man who in the end was out for one thing. himself. She may look to use me as a common enemy in order to rekindle her relastionship. Personally I think he is just a waste of space. Having gone through the same thing as Ms. Moore I feel for her and understand that she is a kind a gentle soul who doesn't deserve the agony she is being subjected too.


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