Chris Brown on Rihanna: THAT PU$$Y IS MINE!

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During his impromptu, head-scratching rant in Hollywood this week, Chris Brown offered some advice for all you guys who want to keep your ladies in line.

Chris was partying at Emerson Theatre when he grabbed the mic from the DJ, went off on Drake, and then told the crowd how you gotta talk to your woman.

The bizarre spectacle was all captured on video, too. Take a look:

The mercurial singer rants, musically, in the clip, obtained by TMZ:

"You GOTTA say that one thing to her, and I made this s**t up ... Don't make me have to tell you again, that's my p***y baby, so you better not give it away!"

"So every person in this motherf**king building, if you got a bad bitch, you better say that s**t to her now, or she might go out and f**k another n***a."

Makes you wonder how his mom feels about this kind of love advice, or if the singer has followed his own infinite wisdom when it comes to Rihanna.

Chris Brown. Grammy-winning vocalist. Modern day love guru.

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rihanna is really weird if in the look ....duh mind u he's mine by the way................mind you snitch.


Any black person who talks about owning someone's pussy should remember that their great great grandmas was once owned too. Ignorant little cunt.


Everything is a rant now right?! go ahead feed the hate.. its all you do!


He is disgusting....nuff said.


First of all this song is old...Chris performed in last winter on his Carpe Diem tour where Rihanna was present. Rihanna then posted a picture with the caption "he said you better not give it away". The picture is still on Instagram from 14 wks ago. I'm laughing cause everyone has an opinion but the only one that matters is Rihanna's and she said she loves him.


Wow, that dude just doesn't know when to Shut the f#$% Up? He just seems to go from Bad to WORSE! and shows no respect for Rhianna, her family, or his own mother, Sheesh! What a Low Life!!! That's what's become of the younger crowd now-a-days. I'm sure glad I'm not from this "LOSER GENERATION!"


Somebody should rid the world of this insane, inhuman asswhole


No, loser, that p***y belongs to Rihanna and no one else, and you should fall on your knees and thank her, if you get any. Which I sincerely hope you don't! I'm so sick of this dumbed-down macho idiot bravado displayed by morons like CB. RThey probably believe they are sexy and get street cred, when they are just turn-offs to any woman with half a brain, and all the credit they get are from other male idiots.


I hate him so much he is making black guys look bad everytime he do something that is not right toward women

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