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Recidivist criminal Lindsay Lohan has been offered yet another break by the criminal justice system, if she doesn’t turn it down like a moron this time.

Prosecutors are now reportedly offering to place the hot mess under house arrest in her lying-to-police case, sparing her both rehab AND jail time.

You know what that means: More ankle monitor bikini photos!! But hold your horses. Of course, LiLo being LiLo, she’s not biting, at least not yet.

The Santa Monica City Attorney and the L.A. City Attorney have softened their positions from mandatory lockdown rehab to 90 days of house arrest.

If she agreed to that, officials would be willing to deal.


Maligned and incompetent though he may seem, Lindsay’s lawyer Mark Heller is actually working hard to hammer out a plea deal with the  prosecutors.

It’s Lindsay who’s adamant that she will not accept ANY punishment here, and she makes the final decision, so Heller’s hands are tied to a degree.

According to TMZ, there’s a 75 percent chance the case will go to trial March 18 with no plea deal reached. In that case, she will be rolling the dice.

The 26-year-old not only faces criminal charges for lying to police after crashing her car, but the probation violation that occurred when she did it.

All in all, she could do eight months in jail easily.

Hopefully she’ll wise up, strap on the ankle monitor for awhile and move on with her life, but given how delusional Lindsay Lohan is, you never know.

You tell us: Will LiLo go to jail in 2013?