Catherine Giudici and Sean Lowe: We're Getting Married SOON!

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The Bachelor's Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici are not only convinced they've found everlasting love on ABC, they're planning on getting married fast!

They're also planning on tying the knot Bachelor style. Televised.

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"It's just fitting," Sean Lowe says of fast-tracking a TV wedding.

We're sure it is, but that it's also motivated by two factors:

  1. ABC paying them an ass ton of money to do so.
  2. His unwillingness to get it in before marriage.

That will light a fire under them for sure!

In any case, Catherine Giudici, 26, says she can't wait to wed ASAP: "Everything in our relationship has been documented so far. It's right for us!"

Sean, 29, actually proposed in Thailand four months ago.

Now that they can now finally proclaim their love after The Bachelor finale, expect it to grow even stronger as they both bask in the bliss, they say.

Said Sean last night on the After the Final Rose special:

"We've been harboring this secret for so long. We just want some normalcy, to go out to eat, hold hands and do all the things that couples do!"

"We don't have a wedding date yet," he adds, "But we've kicked around a lot of ideas, most of which are silly and fun. We just want it to be a big party."

Silly and fun, as fans know, were two traits that won Cat the final rose over Lindsay Yenter, AshLee Frazier and Bachelorette-to-be Desiree Hartsock.

"I just love being around her," The Bachelor gushes. "We had the friendship as well as the romance. I love her so much. I know this is meant to be."

Following the proposal, Lowe and Giudici kept up communication through text messages, phone calls and Skype, and a few incognito rendezvous.

"Every one or two weekends we would get to meet up and be locked up in a house somewhere," says Lowe, 29. "We loved every minute of it!"

Man. So much hugging must have gone on during those trips.

What do you think: Will Sean and Catherine make it last?


To be betrayed the way Sean betrayed AshLee shows a gr8 big flaw. It shows he played the "game" not exactly on the up and up (but if he did-Bachlor would not been interested.)I do believe AshLee with what she said he told her. To go ahead w/a wedding and letting someone else pay the bill shows some more of his integrity. He's a fame whore also.


I'm not sure about Sean. At first I really thought he was kinda special but as watching thru the show, he's
got the backdoor wide open for deceitfulness which I saw. I think less of him for it. Especially what he did to AshLee going thru the cave. That was plain right dishonorable and mean. He knew how scared she was and he pressured her into it and she assumed his heart was where hers was and he knew that. A cheat, a liar, deceitful--those are NOT the things I was taught to look for in a man to marry.


I think you made a great choice. She seemed very real about her feelings. Not to mention she is beautiful.


be patient, THE MORE MONEY WE GET.

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